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I titled this post as “What Are You Waiting For” for no other reason but to make you think… Are you pushing play? Have you started your health/fitness journey? Are you taking the ACTION to achieve what you want to badly?

  • If you are, AWESOME!
  • If your answer is, “Well no but I’m starting soon…” STOP WAITING and start doing!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated here but that’s only because I now have specific websites for each of the workout programs I use. I created a specific website for:

I feel it just makes it so much easier to share specific information for each program of product I use so I can give straight up reviews of each individually. Also, it makes it so much easier for you, my reader, to find the content you are looking for!

Of course, I will come back here and update about once a month over-all on what I’m up to and where I am at with my life, fitness, and Beachbody Coaching.

Here is what I’ve been up to recently with my current P90X workout journey


Now Go Push Play! =)