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This will be short but I couldn’t wait to post.

In just One Hour I will be starting my first day of ChaLEAN Extreme. I have been Eagerly awaiting the start of this program ever since I completed my First Round of P90X on March 8th, 09. It is going to be interesting to compare both programs and I wonder which will be my favorite. Right now I am absolutely in Love with P90X and everything that it does. I got some amazing results simply by bringing it nearly every single, I ate clean, and I stayed dedicated.

ChaLEAN Extreme is broken into Three Phases:

You lift no more than 10-12 Reps reaching a Burn in the last 2-3 Reps. The idea here is conditioning and getting ready for phase 2!

Here is the real stuff – In Push you lift no more than 6-8 reps, You want to pick a weight that is heavy enough to give you that burn without exceeding 8 reps. This will really focus on those Type 2 Muscles and really help stimulate Muscle Fiber Growth!

In the “Lean” phase you return to 10-12 reps and focus more on Interval Cardio with Resistance training. This will really help burn off that fat now that you have built strong Lean Muscle in Phase 1 and Phase 2.

I will be updated later today after I complete Day 1 of ChaLEAN including a Video Log – Make sure to check back tonight!

Independent Beachbody Coach
Jason Croxford
aka BetterBody90