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Alright, I’m not going to spend the next couple minutes giving excuses and reasons outside of myself for why I am restarting my hybrid workout schedule of P90X and Insanity

Basically, I started last week, got myself tunnel focused on my website, and ultimately missed day 2 which sent me on a downward spiral of missing day 3, 4, and 5. So I decided to push the start date forward to today (Tuesday September 15th, 2009).

I am preparing to take my Day 1 photos and measurements followed by recording a short and to-the-point motivational video to myself as part of reminding myself why I do this and what I want out of it. Sound weird? Well, believe me, having every form of motivation available to you when things get tough can be the make or break of your motivation and longevity in a workout program.

Keep in mind, working out at home is A LOT different than working out at the gym. Each has it’s ups and downs and I don’t feel either is superior but more about what an individuals preferences are. The thing is this, working out at home offers amazing flexibility to workout when you want, in the clothes you want, and only having to commute less than 60 seconds to do so.

BUT, when working out at home, most likely it is you and only you. So staying motivated can be difficult at times because you have nobody to impress at the time but yourself and nobody to push you to do it. So sometimes it’s easy to fall pray to temptations other than working out.

That’s why I am all about building an arsenal of motivational tools that I can use at any time to push forward, to tell myself why, and to remind myself of my day 1 convictions. I suggest you do the same, don’t just go at it and expect a perfect run through the program without any external source of motivation, no matter how strong you are internally we all are human and we all have down days.

With that said I am going to cut this short to take my pictures right now!

Be Prepared… I know I am!