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It’s that time of the year again!

The holiday season is upon us as is the New Year! It’s time for Family, Friends, and all Loved ones to come together and celebrate each other. I speak to many people who really want to make a change in their life but, for one reason or another, they cannot get the tools into their life to make the change happen.

P90X is absolutely worth the money and will be a perfect gift. It’s not a special machine but more of a nutritional/ fitness schedule to follow, kind of like a boot camp. It’s very hard core and absolutely works for anyone who is dedicated to the results and stays consistent. It’s not a body building program but will absolutely help anyone get ripped and build lean mass.

I personally did a near perfect 90-days from Dec 08 to March 09. I was broke so I only had 10 and 15 lb dumb bells but still got pretty damn good results. I posted a results video, it starts out rather slow but if you check out the end I show a slide show of my results, beginning to end.

Here is the results video:

Also, here are some important videos to accompany your Gift!

(You get them the Tool as a gift then point them My Way and I will coach them to the end!)

All the equipment needed to complete the program:

The P90X Workout schedule explained in detail:

And finally, a VERY IMPORTANT message about week 1:

Ok, that’s all the videos I can think of.

Make a huge impact this Holiday Season, forget the random pointless gifts and trinkets, get something TRULY LIFE CHANGING and help us Spread the Word of Health, Happiness, and Love!

P.S. You may also want to consider Shakeology to accompany P90X OR Insanity with Combined Sipping. The workout programs will create the Structure to follow and the nutritional guidelines, Shakeology will supply the Nutrition! Learn more and Order at http://www.shakeology.com/betterbody90 Today!