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I’m looking out the window as I sip my coffee and open my eye’s this morning.

This will be a full day of P90X – I have two workouts to complete, day 82 Legs and Back, and also Day 83 Kenpo. Yesterday I did not wake up with enough time to workout in the am and work went late into the evening, my energy was low and I decided to pick up today after a full nights sleep.

It’s down to the last nitty gritty – I have only 7 days left and what a ride it has been… SO FAR! I will be doing a round two of the X but that is not until I complete a round of ChaLean Extreme ( Starting March 17th)

In round two I will focus soley on diet and heavier weights. I had two 10’s and two 15 pound dumbells for my first round, combined in each hand that gave me up to 30lbs though I do not recommend this. Combining weights adds extra stress to your wrists which can cause injury over time. I plan to purchase 2x 30lb and 2x 35lb for ChaLean, I think that should be sufficient.

The other note I want to add is because of my lighter weights I found myself completing sets with the 12-15 rep rule more than the 8-10, I put on decent size in my arms though I know the results can be much greater. In round two I will also focus directly on the 8-10 because I will have more than enough weight in this round. Expect highlights for the X/X+ starting in June 09 – Until then it will be the final days of round 1 followed with a round of ChaLean!

I am just getting ready to do my p90x workout legs and back routine – today I plan to really push myself in the chin ups, I am very curious to see how many reps I can pull off. I got my new P90X black sleeveless shirt so obviously I will do an automatic 10 more reps…. Kidding :). I will follow up with Ab Ripper and then later tonight I will be doing Kenpo (Expect an update later).

Since I am writing this before my workout I don’t really have much to tell you… However, I will add that I have started working out in the am more or less and it has made my life so much easier. The idea of getting the workout done and out of the way for the day really takes some unwanted stress away.

Think about getting up and starting by 8-9am which will have you completed by 10-11am. It’s such an amazing feeling to know you have worked yourself and you have the whole day to focus elsewhere instead of delaying your fitness. When working out in the morning though I am slow to get moving, I always feel like a million bucks for the rest of the day, and that’s always an added benefit!

One more update: ChaLean Team Xtreme starts on March 17th, 2009, if you don’t know what ChaLean is and you are interested, get in contact with me! My friend Charles Leslie and I will be going at it and dominating Youtube! Join our team if you want to have huge team support as you go through!

I will be setting up a Facebook AND Mypace group, also there will be a Skype group chat for whenever you need support. I do recommend you get in the Beachbody club and community (You can do that on my blog – follow the “Join the Club – Maximize Your Results” button on the right. We want to make sure all of our ChaLean Team Xtreme gets their workouts logged and hopefully we can find times that jive together so we can all bring it together!