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Ok so for those that saw the video I released on Youtube several days ago,  I have prepared a new Hybrid workout schedule combining P90X, Shaun T Insanity, and P90X+. I built the program basically around the P90X Classic style with a 90 day, 3 phase approach, but the workouts are different.

You are about to see what I am talking about AND you can even download the image file I created!

But first I want to explain a couple things.

#1 If you don’t have P90X+, that’s fine, just toss in Tony’s P90X One-on-One, Insanity, or other P90X cardio style workouts.

#2 I removed Legs and Back. Some people have shown concern about removing the lower body workout. This is my reasoning. Legs and Back rocks as a workout BUT there really are not that many actually weighted moves. Yes you DO do some calve workouts and some weighted lunges, but most of the moves are without weights and involved doing pull-ups.

My reasoning behind removing this workout is simply this. Insanity alone I believe has all the lower body power moves you need, it’s not just cardio; it’s squats, jumps, and power moves that will help shape and form your lower body.

I replaced legs and back with one of the upper body workouts from P90X so you’re still doing the pull-ups. I feel that Insanity effectively targets all the lower body stuff you need while P90X 3 days a week will target all your upper body and core. If you want to do legs and back, do legs and back. But honestly I don’t really think your legs are going to shrink up without that exercise, not when you’re doing Insanity.

If you want huge legs do Insanity with Ankle weights (2-2.5 pounds) and or wrist weights (2-2.5 pounds W/ the thumb hole). Or go to the gym and do weighted squats. If you want bigger calves, toss in some weighted calf raises at the end of one or two workouts each week (But make sure to space it at least 2 days – Never work the same muscle group hard two days or more in a row!) Your muscle growth comes in the rest and repair, not in the actual workout itself.

Ok, with those out of the way, here is the video which gives a little more explanation of my Hybrid Schedule.

Keep in Mind that this schedule is designed for those that have done P90X, Insanity, or a mix of both and want a new challenge using the same programs. This is a way to add variety and Super Muscle Confusion! I wanted something new because after going through all these programs, let’s be honest, they get old. Don’t get me wrong, I love them! But when you do something so many times it gets boring.

So, I thought I’d add some extra variety and even mix up trainers so its like having two super motivating physical trainers telling you to push your hardest!

I think my favorite aspect of this new hybrid schedule is the fact that the Cardio Abs and Ab Ripper X cycle each week so it mixes it up! Muscle Confusion is the real deal and this schedule brings it to a whole new level.

Leave your comment below and let me know what you think, good or bad, I want to hear your opinion! I feel anyone can learn anything if they keep an open mind so I’d love to hear what you think.

You can Download your image file version of this schedule directly below and use it at your own risk, you don’t have to follow it verbatim, mix it up if you want but follow it 100% if you can.

You will need the following workout programs to complete the schedule as it is setup. You can get any of these programs through my official Team Beachbody Store:

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BetterBody90’s “P90X Insanely Reloaded Plus” Hybrid Workout Schedule