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Phase ICheck!
Phase IIIn Progress!

Get ready to see my latest Pictures {Day 30} – But first listen to this!

Here I am reaching the end of week one in Phase II of my P90X Reloaded. Man oh man have I been bringing it! I told you in my various video updates that I had fallen a little slack in my first three weeks of Round II. Well, I think I made up for it and then some!

I started this phase with doubles in mind, the difference being is I add an additional 3 cardio workouts each week except the “recovery week”

The Classic P90X Workout Schedule was great for my first round of X considering I could hardly get through one workout, let alone follow up with Ab Ripper X. But now that I am a grad I require a little more to make me feel sufficiently worked. I have been called crazy by a few but I just consider myself an action taker =).

It’s about pushing the limits beyond yourself every single day, going just that little but further, not letting yourself give in to soon. It’s in pushing your boundaries a little more each time that makes you stronger, faster, and better in all areas. I’m not just talking fitness but life in general.
This is my favorite quote that I seem to live by:

“Complacency is Devastating”

Never get to comfortable and never settle for the ordinary – Always reach to be Extraordinary!

This is what my P90X workout schedule looked like this week and will end on in a day.

  • Mon: Interval X+ AMChest,Shoulder, Triceps and Ab Ripper X PM
  • Tue: Plyometrics
  • Wed: Cardio X AM Back, Biceps and Ab Ripper X PM
  • Thu: Kenpo Cardio + (Missed Yoga)
  • Fri: *Rest Day (I ended up Excavating a sewer pipe for 4 hours – Beleive me, my body went through enough!)
  • Sat: Legs and Back AMKenpo X PM
  • Sun: Yoga X

So it’s a little rearranged but I think you’ll agree it’s far from lazy! =)

Oh btw, I have something else very important to tell you!

I have created a training site and the home of what will be BetterBody90 Fit Club in the near future. Get Subscribed to BetterBody News on this page to hear more about Fit Club and how this can literally change your life!

Also, on Monday’s I will offer free detailed training for how to be successful in Beachbody Coaching, or really any business. I will tell you my secrets and help you build your skill sets.

Jump over to http://www.jasoncroxford.com and get signed up there for weekly broadcast information and training resources to help you be successful! Whether you are a coach already or plan to be one, You have found your answer!

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Here are my P90X Reloaded Pics from Day 30: