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Hammer & Chisel – while at first I thought was a silly name – is quickly turning into my favorite home workout program Beachbody has ever released.

As I write this post it is 6:39am on Tuesday Jan 12th, 2016 and it’s day 2 this week of my #5daysofpurpose. It’s already been a full week in the Hammer & Chisel workout and in my week 1 summary I would definitely compare this program to the Classic P90X but super-efficient (20-45 min workouts rather than P90X which was upwards to 1.5 HOURS A DAY!)

One of my favorite things about Beachbody’s at home workout programs like Hammer and Chisel is that they are constantly adapting to what’s known today. Meaning, with each new program we don’t just get a rehash but a totally updated program based on the current physiological scientific studies.

Pushups, Pullups, One arm rows, dead lifts, and a variety of core balance moves while holding lighter weights is what you’ll find here. Every day so far in the first week all of the above were necessary. You could of course modify and do what you have to do but if you REALLY want to get the most out of an advanced program like Hammer and Chisel you will absolutely need to setup a home gym.


Here is a video with Hammer and Chisel workout clips from Days 3 – 6 in Week 1

You’ll want to have:

  • A SOLID Bench (I have the Golds Gym Walmart bench which I will be ditching soon as I DO NOT trust it for this workout)
  • Free weights (I have 2 sets of Powerblocks which I freakn love)
  • GOOD shoes (not 5 year old sole-less Nike Shocks) This is about LONG TERM HEALTH not body busting ego or laziness/scarcity
  • A pullup bar
  • The will to keep going

Week 1 Summary:

Day 1: I went solo on this day and struggled heavily not only to reach the max reps for each movement (15 reps) but also simply to balance and properly perform each exercise. I would say I have a lot of room for improvement here. Rhea worked a 13+ hour day, returned after 10pm, and completed day 1.

Day 2: Rhea joined in today. She is brand new to this kind of fitness and so I attempted to offer some guidance along with referring her to review the trainer tips on the workout we were streaming from BoD. We are working on her form so that she can get the maximum benefit. She is doing a great job and while we both struggled, we wrapped up day 2.

Day 3: Today I was solo. I really enjoyed the movements from today. This program is really starting to remind me of a refined version of P90X, maybe a mix between the original X and X3 blended together. This makes for a very good combination. Though, I think it’ll take a couple weeks before I really get the balance down and that’s already with a baseline of condition under my belt. This program is no joke. Rhea came back and completed her workout in the afternoon.

Day 4: Not feeling it today. I feel run down. Not sick or anything but my mood is terrible and I am just simply not excited about this. I feel like my body may be fighting something today. Rhea just got over a full body cold over the holiday and I have been around a few people in varying degrees of cold/flu like symptoms. So far I have been almost a year, besides food poisoning once, since a cold has caught me. Usually I break free. I did my workout, my head was pounding, I took a night time sleep aid and passed out hoping to defeat whatever was trying to slow me down.

Day 5: Beat it! Just as I had hoped, I went to sleep early, and while still rising at 4am I feel much better. I really attribute my ability to fight colds at this point to the fact I literally, every day, make a point to drink 28-32oz of water at once between meals resulting in a “flush”. The goal is to pee clear at least once a day. Since I have done this religiously for really around 2 years now I have completely changed the pattern of me catching colds. It’s literally been obliterated. The most that’s happened in the time frame since I started this practice is exactly what I described on Day 4. I feel a preemptive strike but quickly flush and get sleep that same night. Every time I’ve risen free and clear the next day. All except one case of food poisoning in which there was no avoiding after I knew what was happening.

Day 6: We are both tired and sore today but we also just discussed that, while today is the longest, if we do this we can really enjoy our Sunday off. So, reluctantly, we went to work and got it done. I am starting to catch on to the style of training of Autumn and of course I’m already used to Sagi from doing Body Beast. We completed our first week!

Day 7: Sweet, sweet rest and  nothingness. I barely look at my phone. I can pick all that up on Monday. Today is all about rest and recovery and I must guard that against distraction. This is why I do what I do. Accomplishment, strength, health, results, integrity, accountability, and a confidence unlike any other because I know for a fact I am showing up even when people aren’t looking. That you cannot get anywhere else but in the struggle and in your ability to use the situation to empower you rather than destroy you.

Final thoughts:

Hammer & Chisel is absolutely an advanced program and I would NOT recommend to someone literally starting on Day 1. However, I do think anyone could do it. Let me further clarify.

I know people who started P90X back in the day weighing over 400lbs yet they found a way to modify an extreme program, learned to listen to their body, and they completely changed their lives. Hammer & Chisel is the same and I think anyone could do it. But it will absolutely require you to slow down, listen, watch, and practice with unwavering focus the movements of your body, your form, and how to communicate your thoughts into proper and effective movement in your muscular and skeletal system.

But keep in mind there are a TON of available programs that are extremely effective but also start at a much less intense level (but still intense for a beginner which we all are at one point or another).

Dont hesitate to reach out to me! I have been in the trenches and am an expert when it comes to Beachbody’s workout programs and at home workout plans. I do not go to the gym and I do not do crossfit. But I think they can also been GREAT. I like the lifestyle of workout out at home and I help others who want the same. Period. If you want to ask about Crossfit I cannot help you and I suggest you reach out to your local Xfit.

Else, Contact me about Hammer and Chisel or any other Beachbody workout program.

P.S. You’ll also likely want to enroll in your #5daysofpurpose challenge (free btw) before or at the same time you buy the Hammer and Chisel workout. As a professional Coach it is my mission to help you get setup for success and to share any tips, downfalls, and simple hacks to start changing your life for the better, today. You can learn more about the Challenge over here.


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