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*This has Officially Ended – Thanks to all that participated and congratulations to the Winner!

Get your attention? Good! Because I am seriously going to tell you exactly how to get my copy of ChaLEAN Extreme for FREE! It’s going to be very easy and I am absolutely serious. This is for anyone, whether you have done or are doing other Beachbody workout programs, whether you’re looking into getting a workout program, or even if you haven’t even started looking yet.

This contest is live Monday, October 5th 2009 to Sunday night October 11th, 2009.

(Just in case you don’t know what ChaLEAN Extreme is – Watch this video)

Basically I bought ChaLEAN Extreme back in March of 2008, I went through 2 months of the program personally, but I ended up going back to P90X. Now it has nothing to do with the quality of the program, ChaLEAN Extreme is good and Chalene Johnson is highly motivating it’s just that I like P90X more.

I was looking through my library of workout programs the other day and started to look at my copy of ChaLEAN. Well, I really got thinking about what I could possibly do with it. I honestly can say I probably won’t do it again just because I have other things I am doing. SO, I came up with the idea that I could offer it as a prize in some sort of contest!

This is what I came up with. I want to get in front of more people online and get more exposure for my blog – You want to get a free workout program. Let’s work together! =)

It’s very easy to qualify and I am going to tell you exactly how to do so! You will need to have a Facebook, Twitter, or both though you only need to do one (though if you’d really like to help me out you can do both ;)!).

1. Copy and paste the following text as your Facebook status:

I just Entered to win Jason Croxford’s copy of the ChaLEAN Extreme workout program For FREE! It’s Really Super Easy, Visit http://betterbody90.com/free-chalean-extreme/ Today to find out how!

2. Copy and paste this message and send as a Tweet on Twitter:

RT This! @JasonCroxford is giving away his copy of ChaLEAN Extreme FREE! You Can Enter To Win Here http://tr.im/freechalean

Once you have done either #1, #2, or both 😉 just enter your information on the form below to finalize your entry!

So what about shipping? Well, I will cover upwards to $15 in shipping no problem. If, by chance, the shipping is more then I will need you to help beyond the $15 but I cannot imagine it to be more than that.

Next Monday I will randomly draw from all the qualified entries and a winner will be chosen and contacted. Will it be You??