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The Only Time that matters is the time you have Right Now!

I managed to squeeze in my Day 14 Pushup Workout Challenge yesterday even though time was tight. I procrastinated all day, which of course is my own fault however, I could have easily skipped the day if I had just said “I’ll do it later“.

Don’t get me wrong, I started to have that thought BUT, as soon as the thought came I realized it and that is exactly when I grabbed my camera, turned it on, and just got it done!

I HAD to record this day because I KNOW for a fact this message will empower SO MANY OF YOU who think, “eh I’ll do it later“. Some times you may very well do it but, as most will find out, if you put it off until after work and after a full day you are VERY likely to skip it all together.

Get Fired Up and watch this Day 14 Pushup Workout Challenge Update:

We are doing Pushups everyday, the goal is 3000 in 30 days or 100 a day in whatever form or fashion you need. Cease the moment TODAY and start your journey. Join the Free Facebook Accountability Group and keep everyone updated OR just follow along! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=442043045440&ref=mf

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