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Question: What is the Single Most Important Time and Day of Your Health and Fitness goals??

(Get your answer right now before you read on)

It’s already been 7 days! Crazy how the time flies when you’re having fun. The 3000 Pushup Challenge Facebook Group is EXPLODING with activity and everyone is staying strong.

By the way, if you are not part of the challenge and/ or the free groupClick Here

It’s Easy, the goal is to perform the small feats each and every day until you obtain the bigger goal and results. That is how your fitness should be looked at. Not 30 days from now but RIGHT NOW.

You know what, I am not going to lie, I missed my day 3 for no other reason or excuse except I was just lazy… I tell you this for one, to be honest and accountable, but two because I want you to see what happened to me when I stayed accountable to the group. It was VERY powerful!

(Watch to see what happened)

Remember the question above? The answer isRight Now, Today. That is the Single Most important day and time to take action with your health and fitness. Don’t let it slip away!

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