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It’s 7:31a as I write this and today marks day 2 in my Hammer & Chisel workout reviews.

Here is my Day 2 video of the Hammer and Chisel workout program

I got up this morning at my usual 4a #risewithpurpose time as I have for the last 3 months.

Am I planning on doing this forever? I don’t know, the plan is to focus on 2016 and create disciplined action in my life to help advance my relationships, business, overall personal life goals, and to satisfy some giving back/ helping others visions. I can’t say what’s to come in 2017 as far as my schedule. But for now 4am works for me and keep in mind I take Sat/Sun without a set wakeup time. I have some pretty huge goals so the desire to sleep has been overwhelmed by the desire to create discipline. I know only through discipline can my next chapter of life be written the way I envision it.

Sure, life absolutely throws rocks and sometimes straight up boulders. Sometimes it hits so hard it can quite literally knock you off your feet and leave you dazed and confused. It’s really not a question of “if” but “when” it happens, how bad, and how many times in your life. But the real inspiration comes from those who lose everything but through harnessing the power of will they rise above all adversity. Isn’t that just about every great hero story?

Anyway, I digress. I haven’t done my workout yet this morning but I am just about to have my Energize. So after that I have about T minus 15 minutes before I have to enter the home gym and give my body attention, focus, and training before the day really even begins.

Why? Because I am here to test my will. To be the captain of my body as often as I can and to focus on remaining conscious of my daily actions (or lack there of). To silence thought, doubt, and fear in the pursuit of conquest. Go on a great adventure that is learning how to use your body, creating better control of your motor functions, and feeling a connection to the life force inside as you grow and challenge yourself through ever growing obstacles.

Craft your will. Sure, you may fail a ton of times. But it’s not over until you ultimately give up or die – Either is the same. I say, “keep going“. Use every breath not as a means to an end, we will all get to the same place anyway, but use it to LIVE the absolute best life YOU can. Accept your weaknesses and lead with your strengths. Connect with like souls that mirror you and fill in your weakness with their strengths. You simply should not try and do this whole thing alone. You can, but together we can do so much more.