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So starts Day 1 on my journey to review the Hammer & Chisel at home workout program.

The workout system takes place over 60-days and from what I understand it combines weight with functional movements to help both strengthen and sculpt the body. More details on that as I immerse myself deeper into this program over the next week.

I’m no beginner to working out and I’ve been reviewing Beachbody’s home workout programs for the last 6 years on and off. But I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve given a program ALL of my attention and focus and in doing so not only achieving great results but also paving the way through helpful content for others wanting the same.

Here is my Day 1 Hammer & Chisel Workout video

I hope you enjoy the next 60 days as I upload and create content to help share what you can expect from this program. I wasn’t sure about Hammer & Chisel at first glance but when I looked a little deeper I got excited to include this training into my fitness. This home workout program will require some extra equipment to fully utilize it. Over the next 60 days I will not only be creating content to share the day to day struggles but also to help you know how the Hammer & Chisel workout schedule works, what equipment you will need, and a nutrition plan overview.

Make sure to “Like” and “Subscribe” on my social media portals to stay updated as I release new content. I will be focusing primarily on the Hammer & Chisel workout the next 60-days so if you have questions, want to see results, and want to know if the system really works.. Stay tuned. I’ll show you.