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I Just Got My Chalean Extreme Workout Program!!!

I came home today after a visit to the Lee County Tax Collectors office (I had to get my new FL license and replace my old Maine’r ID) and near the right side of the front door was a box. I knew what it was because I had been following the tracking information every 5 minutes =). I quickly snatched it up and opened up the box to find a huge amount of material to go over. To my surprise the kit also includes a Fat Caliper! I am very excited because now I can follow my fat % loss as well as my muscular gains.

I went through the main guide which describes the idea of lifting heavy because “Muscle Burns Fat“. That seems to be my new 3 words of the next 90 days. P90X (PX90) was all about “Bring It” and I saw some incredible results. But most of all I feel so much better than 90 days ago.

It seems ChaLEAN is another 90 day program which is great, I love having a structure, and I love how the Beachbody programs break it all up in 30 day phases. ChaLEAN and P90X seem identical when it comes to the Phases. However, they each go about getting you in shape and ripped in different ways (Expect a comparison as I get into the ChaLEAN program).

I did notice that ChaLEAN Extreme focuses on 5 days a week of work and then 2 rest days. Where P90X was 6 days a week followed by 1 rest day. I have been floating around the idea of Yoga X or Ab Ripper X on one of the off days to add some extra intensity but only time will tell.

I am going to put out a video describing the system and what I understand from reading the manual. I also want to review the intro video which explains the methodology and form techniques for the 90 day journey.

The only way to get results is to take action. If Chalean extreme seems like the program for you then don’t wait! Try Chalean Extreme risk free.

– Jason aka BetterBody90 –