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Whether you are New or a P90X Veteran I have something that will keep you going for days, months, and years to come!

If you have done the P90X Workout then most likely you are a fan of the infamous Tony Horton.

HaHa “Trouble soup” (If you’ve done P90X you know what i’m talking about!)

I am going to get right to the point and show you Tony Horton’s One On One workout series which can supplement P90X and/or give you something more to do after you complete the program.

Plus here is the Bonus Kicker!

When you order Tony’s One On One DVD called “100/30/20” between April 5th and May 3rd you will ALSO receive Free:

  1. A Chocolate Shakeology drink packet
  2. A Shakeology Recipe Card
  3. And the Shakeology “Breakthrough DVD”

Here is a preview video to Tony’s One on One April Edition:

When you order Tony’s One on One with Home Direct you will automatically receive a new workout each month so you will always have something new from your favorite trainer!

Mix the workouts in with P90X or just do them on their own, your choice, but unlimited variety.

Click The Below Image to Order the April Edition “100/30/20” From Season 2

Also, Click The Below Image to Order the entire One on One Season 1