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Seriously! I am FED UP!

Maybe you are too?

Excuse me while I rant for a moment but if you feel the same way about your job and the direction of your future then just maybe this could be the kick you need to get MOVING!

You know, it took me sitting on my butt in a wave of depression and self pitty to look forward into my future a little over a year ago and to see my life dead ended. I literally sat silently in a partially finished basement, with no visible sun light and only a dim flourecent bulb, thinking “WHAT AM I DOING?”.

I projected my life 20 years into the future with the actions, or rather, LACK OF ACTION I was taking in my life. Sure I had HUGE dreams and HUGE goals – But was I actually doing anything to get them? NO?

It was that Very Moment that I realized, I HAVE TO MAKE THE CHANGE. Nobody or No Thing will do it for me, I had to just get up, pick my action, and more over, DO IT.

It really was that very moment that sent my life on a path of action I couldn’t even imagine at the time. Since then in the last year I can honestly say I have grown more from the inside out than the previous 25 years of my life! Mentally AND financially.

Not that I am saying you are coming from exactly where I was. But I tell you this more so you can ask yourself this question: “Am I Really taking the action I Need to take to reach my dreams and my goals?”

Now I didn’t know exactly what I was doing I just knew I needed to start somewhere and grow from there.

This is what I DID know:

  • I HAD to change myself
  • I HAD to Take Action
  • I LOVE fitness and taking care of myself
  • I Craved Financial Freedom and Job Independence
  • I Love Life and want to Live Now, not slave away 40 years and scrape what I can with what I have.

What I didn’t know:

  • I didn’t know How to build a business
  • I didn’t know how to successfully market online or off
  • I didn’t know much about who I was
  • I didn’t know the infinite potential I had as a Human Being (Just Like You!)
  • And I definitely didn’t have much money!

It’s taking what You Do Know Now, using that, and growing into someone you Cannot Even Imagine Today. But first things first, you Must Take Action!

I took my Love of Health and Fitness, my Energy and Enthusiasm to take my life somewhere other than the norm, I took what little money I had and Invested in myself, and most importantly, I Took Action Immediately!

You can always sit there and wait for the perfect opportunity or that “Perfect Moment”. But I promise you will only ever sit there and wait! To make things happen big in Your Life, YOU have to work for it!

Beachbody Coaching allowed me to take my health and fitness goals, reach them, and give that energy and motivation back to others. This in turn allowed me to create financial freedom for myself AND most importantly, this allowed me to grow more than I ever even thought possible.

This Post is not an invite to my business, this post is a KICK IN THE BUTT to TAKE ACTION TODAY and Build Your Own Life.

Leg’s go…

Watch this video:

If you still have more questions visit http://www.myfitnesspays.com and check out the library of videos there.

Don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow leads to next week, next week to next month, next month to 5 years from now… You get the picture. Fill the time with Action or sit and wait where you are now until life is over. I chose Life and Action – What’s your choice?

Email me at jason@jasoncroxford.com and tell me with all your enthusiasm,

“I Want To Be Successful – I want to be a Beachbody Coach”

Let’s talk first and if this is Your Opportunity, I will tell you how to have me as Your Sponsor.

Life WILL NOT WAIT, why should you?