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For those that are still researching and don’t know what a Beachbody Coach is I will give you a very quick explanation. A Team Beachbody Coach is an individual who uses various Beachbody programs personally and has accepted to answer questions and help motivate others in the weight loss community.

Through Email, Phone, or other forms of contact a Coach will help answer questions, motivate, and share their over-all enthusiasm for fitness. So what’s in it for the Coach? That’s what your about the discover!

#1 25% Discount on All Products:

A Beachbody Coach will receive a 25% discount on all exercise programs, nutritional supplements, and exercise equipment when purchased through their Team Beachbody Store. This is especially beneficial for individuals focused on their fitness who will be purchasing more fitness programs over time.

#2 Connect With Others – Extreme Accountability:

A Beachbody Coach will have the opportunity to connect with 100’s or even thousands of individuals seeking better health and fitness. This form of contact is not overwhelming and will mostly be through email.

The Coach’s responsibility is to respond and help others make the right decisions when choosing a workout program and/or supplements to coincide with their program. In doing so the coach also creates a web of super extreme accountability in their own fitness. Staying active with others will ultimately keep a Coach active with their own journey.

#3 Earn to Stay in Shape (Or Get In Shape):

There are upwards to 8 different ways to earn an income from the Beachbody Coach Opportunity. There are several different rank levels which a coach will advance through depending on their own discretion and ability to operate their business. It starts as simple as retail commissions. Help someone choose the right program, when they buy from the coach, the coach makes a commission.

Also, when a Beachbody Coach directs someone to use the meal plan in the Beachbody Club, the coach will get quarterly subscription commissions. This article is not intended to talk about the compensation otherwise you would learn about the Business Bonuses for sponsoring other coaches.

#4 The Showcase Package:

Beachbody gives a unique opportunity to those that decide to coach. Upon creating the coach account the new coach will have access to the Showcase Package. This package includes 6 workout programs (P90X, Power90, Slim in 6, Hip Hop Abs, Yoga Booty Ballet, and Turbo Jam) Plus resistance bands and a squishy workout ball.

While these would cost over $400 if purchased separately, a coach gets the opportunity to purchase this package at a hugely reduced $199.95 + S&H to expand their current video fitness and equipment library.

#5 A Sense of Accomplishment:

Finally, a Beachbody Coach can end their day each and every day with the over-all sense of great accomplishment. Not only are they staying in shape but they are taking the initiative to help others succeed in their own struggles.

Imagine knowing that you could impact the life of just one other individual and help them save themselves from a down ward spiral of disease and despair. Help others take control of their lives, be selfless, and work together.

If this article resonates with you, don’t rush in and sign up as a Beachbody Coach just yet! Email me first at Jason@JasonCroxford.com to ask your question and get a real, first-hand understanding of how easy it really is.