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The other day I asked a handful of active Beachbody Coaches a simple question.

“What is your ‘Why’ for Coaching? As in, besides money, what TRULY DRIVES YOU towards success?

Well in asking that question to others I in turn asked myself, “Why do I do this?“. I already know my answer because it has been burning inside me for over a year now and has led me to a strong organization and freedoms I only ever dreamed of before!

The money has been amazing BUT this video will show you my Real “Why”. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Absolutely and honestly I COULD NEVER have pulled off what I just showed you if I didn’t build this business. Helping others reach their goals has helped me reach mine and to this day I only continue to push harder.

So what now?

I’ll tell you. A year ago I was faced with a decision, a moment to change my life forever and I took it.

You are now faced with a Decision to either close this page and forget about it OR send me an email, share your REAL “why”, and I’ll show you the simple steps to start towards manifesting that “Why” into physical reality!

Don’t wait, send me a message right now to Jason@JasonCroxford.com with “Beachbody Coach” in the subject line and tell me “why” you want to be a Beachbody Coach, not just for money, but for the freedoms and experiences you will finally have the opportunity to do something about!