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After a just a year of hard work, determination, and over-all consistency I can proudly say, “I am an Independent DIAMOND Beachbody Coach“!

While it has been quite the journey from day 1 to this very day it is far from over and this achievement is just one of many more to come!

(I made this video as my way of  Thanking You for just being here)

It’s not about what happens to you but what you do with it that matters. I saw the Red “Be A Coach” button on Day 1 of P90X and literally without much more than reading the signup page, Bam, I set myself up for success.

I took what I saw as a “tool” or an “opportunity” combined with straight forward determination to work for myself and went for it. Now do keep in mind, I had NO IDEA HOW I was going to do it, I just knew I WAS going to do it.

So I took my determination, my goals, and my dreams; I pushed myself to do the work as often as possible and here I am today, writing this post, Diamond Beachbody Coach, and only thirsting for 2-Star!

Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of reaching your dreams. The difference between someone who makes it successful and someone who does not are simply the actions taken.

So THANK YOU for being there and for our interactions, whether talking in person or you simply just reading my blog.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Now let’s make this year of 2010 Even More explosive and productive. This is Your Chance to make something happen for yourself!

If you are ready to create your own success story as a Beachbody Coach, simply email me:
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