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My name is Jason Croxford and I am a Diamond Coach with Team Beachbody. Beachbody Coach Jason Croxford

You may have seen or heard about the Beachbody coach opportunity before or perhaps this is the first time you are hearing about it. But before I tell you anything about my Beachbody coaching, I want you to know that I am a customer of Beachbody just like you!

I started my P90X workout journey back in December of 2008 after putting it off for months and months. I actually had just moved from Maine the previous month and decided to use my abundance of time and lack of knowing anyone to get in shape. With that, I started P90X one day and just really never looked back.

Fitness has always been a passion of mine and I even dreamed of being a fitness trainer some day though the years before I started P90X I had let myself slide away into the party life without any concern of my body or nutrition. Well, once I got started with  the P90X workout my dreams and passion was reborn more vividly than ever.

During my first week of P90X I was browsing the Internet, perhaps like you are doing now. Well needless to say I came across a blog of my current Beachbody coach sponsor. I was just looking for p90x workout tips and reviews but something was different on this site and it grabbed 110% of my attention. There was this little red button that said “Be a Coach”.

Much like this one (Wait though, don’t click it yet)

Well, I clicked it and my future was born! Here I am a little over a year later, a successful Diamond beachbody coach making over $2000 in one month from something I didn’t know existed a year ago when I was in sad shape with no direction. (You’ll notice my recognitions to each rank as you scroll down). The reason I tell you this story is because maybe you are in the same boat I was? Maybe this is the first time you are hearing about the Beachbody Coach opportunity and perhaps this could be your life changing “fork in the road“?

Times are tough for sure and not many people have the money to start a business. What if I told you it would only cost a dinner for 2, or 2 30-racks of beer, or in my case at the time, a little over 2 months of my World of Warcraft monthly subscription costs to start?

I’m not a fitness trainer, I’m not a certified nutritionist, I didn’t have any formal marketing experience. I am simply a Beachbody Customer using the P90X workout program to get in shape. I became a Beachbody coach to grow the business at the same time I built my results from P90X. So not only was I changing my body, reversing 3-4 years of neglect, partying, and computer games; but at the same time I was building friendships and a business for life. It has been my dream come true and I say this because maybe it can be your release also?

(Click Here to Watch the Beachbody Coach Compensation Video)

Watch at least the first 3 minutes. The rest I can explain to you later on

You saw in the previous video how you can earn from customers and also by building a down-line of coaches. What I don’t want though is for you to be intimidated, just because it says “coach” doesn’t mean you will be coaching thousands of people every day.

Your roll as a Beachbody Coach will be to direct those who have questions about the products and supplement you already use. Most of the time this will be through email and you may never talk on the phone with customers unless you choose to do so.

I know a lot of people may be scared away from an MLM style business thinking they must hassle friends and family members to their doctors, old mail man, and that random guy who installed your cable 3 years ago to join the business. You don’t!

I have built this business 100% online, from home, using the Internet and easy to follow strategies that have built an automated system for myself. It is little like work and you don’t have to be a fitness expert or business guru to make it happen. You just need the determination to stick with it and the ability to take action consistently.

(Take just a couple minutes to watch this powerful video)

Who Should Sign Up As A Beachbody Coach?

-Someone who is looking to get in shape for life.

-Someone who buys workout programs and supplements who could use a discount.

Who coaching is not for

– Someone who is not willing to get in shape with Beachbody programs

– Someone who can’t put simple strategies to use and stay consistent most of the time

I always tell people that Coaching is a super-accountability commitment you make to yourself. As a coach you are still a customer of the product but now you have the ability to show others what you do and make $$ in doing so. You could simply use coaching as a way to pay for your fitness videos and supplements. My coaching income has literally covered every single Beachbody program and supplement + business costs AND I have made a profit with minimal effort.

I look at is this way:

after the $39.95 for your first 30 days it will be $15 a month to cover your website and business costs, if you showed 1 person a month who bought P90X you would make ~$30 as a commission. So basically showing 1 person a month covers your business costs AND gives you a 25% discount on all products you buy for yourself that you would be buying ANYWAY! So you save money from the 25% discount and the commissions can simply cover your costs if anything else.

The Beachbody programs like P90X, Insanity, Power 90, and everything else included are tools that are structured for you to follow from the comfort of your own home to get in shape, lose weight, and get ripped. Imagine now being able to build a business side-by-side that would allow you to stay accountable, and if anything, to give you a discount on products you would be using anyway.

But the Beachbody Coach opportunity also gives you the potential to take it further and make it a lifetime income so you can fire your boss and walk away from that dead-end corporate job for good. That all depends on your level of commitment and drive for success.

Now why should you join My Coaching Team?

You know my story and how I have taken coaching to the next level to create a near full-time income just from retail. That’s not to mention the productive team of coaches I have been building at the same time. I want you to succeed in your fitness programs and when you decide to become a coach on my team, I want to help you build your down line as fast as you wish.

How? I will help you get to Emerald status which will help you qualify for the “customer lead program” which gives you the potential to build your customer list directly from beachbody. Basically, when you qualify, beachbody will randomly place new customers in your business center which will help you grow even faster.

Because this is Your business I will help you get to Emerald in this way. When you personally sponsor your very first coach, whether it’s a family member, friend, or complete stranger; I will help you by matching you coach with one of my prospects. This way when I receive a personal prospect I will refer them to your business.

Now I cannot promise to instantly have a coach for you but I can promise to follow-through with you asap. I receive prospects from my own efforts and so sometimes it takes time to qualify a new coach to place under you.

It is from that point that you can decide to go further and build your own team or just use the Beachbody Coach opportunity as a supplemental income, as a 25% discount on your purchases, and something that just allows you to workout and get in shape nearly for free.

Now the best way to build your business to start is to leverage using those who are already successful. Don’t hesitate to team up with me to handle your prospect calls when you have someone interested in joining. Plus the training systems are already in place and ready for duplication. It’s as easy as just telling someone where to go, all you need to bring is the determination to make it work.

Don’t sign up yet

I want you to send me an email on my Contact Form saying you are interested in the Beachbody Coach opportunity. Make sure to include a phone number if you would like me to call and talk to you directly. This way I can answer your questions fast and help you get setup right away. At that point I will show you how to be sponsored onto my team.