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Every once in awhile there comes a time when you need to make a decision.

Not just any decision though. Every once in awhile you are faced with a ‘fork in the road‘. One direction will take you in the same path you’ve been on and the other will be full of challenge, hard times, and the unknown. One direction seems pretty easy to make because you are familiar with what it will bring; the other path is unfamiliar and has a sense of excitement and also fear, fear of the unknown.

OK so I am making this a tad bit dramatic. Beachbody Coaching can’t possibly be a ‘fork in the road’ decision, can it? Isn’t it just a business where you tell people about P90X, they buy it, and suddenly you are making tons of money? You’d be surprised how many people think it’s that simple!

I’m here to tell you what it is so that you can decide what may be.

2 years ago almost to the day I was faced with this same decision. The decision to try something, to go for it, and to accept any and all challenges with an open mind. I discovered the Beachbody Coach opportunity about a week into my first round of P90X, I was browsing Google to find some reviews and landed on a blog. When I saw that little red button that said “Be A Coach”, I clicked it, and the rest is history.

But there is one edge I had, there is one thing that brought me to the success I have today, and there is one thing that made every challenge just a bump in the road. Not everybody has this but those that do, in time, will see success. So what edge did I have?

It was simply the mindset that  NO MATTER WHAT, I would over come and I would keep going. I told myself I would not quit until I made this thing work. I didn’t know how I would do it, I just knew I had to start somewhere. From that point on it’s been a journey like no other. But it’s not the Beachbody Coach opportunity alone, coaching is just a tool to reach your dreams by helping others do the same.

The real life changing element has been all the people I have met, the relationships that have been created, and the personal development that has helped me come out of a shell I used to hide in. 2 Years ago I couldn’t make a video, I couldn’t talk on the phone, I couldn’t lead a webinar or conference call, and I felt like I was worth nothing.

It all turns out that this was a false image I created of myself because not only could I do all that stuff, I have and continue to DO all that stuff! But only because I took the journey that I am on today. I know lot’s of people out there who do not believe in themselves, who feel worthless, and don’t think they can do it. Guess what!? You CAN do anything as soon as you give yourself PERMISSION to do anything!

So here we are. Most likely you are using a Beachbody workout program or supplement, right? Maybe you’ve even been looking at the Beachbody coach opportunity? Right now, Beachbody has waived the initial startup fee of $40 until 12/31/2010. While $40 should not be the determining factor of your decision, it can’t hurt to save right? Most likely your first couple months will be a cost rather than a profit like any business out there and you should commit to no less than a year of trying!

I am not asking you to sign up right now, I am telling you that this opportunity exists and you face a ‘fork in the road‘ right now. One is the same path you’ve been on and the other is full of the unknown, challenging struggles, and many bumps. The second path will open you up in ways you didn’t believe in before, but only if you open your mind up and give yourself permission.

I will leave you with this heart felt video I made the other day

If all this has hit home with you I don’t want you to sign up, not yet. First you must learn more about Team Allegiance and what it REALLY takes to have success as a Beachbody Coach. Click Here & find out if becoming a Beachbody Coach is right for you