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Most of you know I am an Independent Beachbody Coach and have had considerable success working for myself by getting fit with the P90X Workout, The Insanity Workout, & Shakeology.

Actually I started back in 2008, December without knowing a single thing about working for “me” and building an at home network style business. For that matter, I didn’t even know how to begin to market.

  • “Why would people want to join me?”
  • “Why would any want to buy from me?”
  • “Why would anyone care to hear what I had to say?”

My biggest internal dialogue of all, “How the *#^$ do I even start!?”

Even with all that internal struggle telling me I couldn’t do it, well, I just DID IT, I started making videos and blogging, I started sharing my journey and giving all I could. It took me 2 years to get where I am but guess what…

I no longer wait tables at Red Robin ( yeah yeah… Go ahead and say it, “YUM”), I work 100% for myself as an Independent Beachbody Coach (Diamond Rank). I now make enough after 2 years of just going at it to support my bills and have extra. Am I a millionaire, absolutely not! Am I happy with who I am, what I have done, and what I have accomplished because I just started? Absolutely!

What I am getting at is this, the only reason I have achieved the level of success I have today, is only because I just started somewhere and kept doing it. I could have easily given up after months of very little views, little traffic, and barely any sales. But I just kept going because, when I started, I had this one repeating thought.

“I’m going to be here a year from now and I’m going to just keep going until I make it a success”

Here I am, still going at it!

So let me ask you…

Are you doing the P90X workout and getting results? Are you sweating out every ounce of liquid in your body during the Shaun T Insanity Workout? Are you enjoying Chocolate Shakeology shakes and feeling great?

I ask that because I imagine, if you are here, you must be doing something from Beachbody, right? Maybe you knew there was a business side or maybe not? Either way, Beachbody Coaching is a very real chance for you to take any results you have had, any love you have for fitness and health, and your passion for Beachbody products; And turn that into a reasonable part time income IF you are willing to work the business and share your story.

It takes time and it takes consistency. It doesn’t matter if you build a local “Fit Club” or you use internet marketing strategies. I know Beachbody Coaches, just like me, who have chosen what works best for them, they started there, and never looked back.

You don’t start as an expert or an immediate success but you sure as heck can build yourself there. All you need is the right team, the right mentor, and over-all the right mental attitude and tenacity to stick it out, even when it seems like nothing is happening.

Let me ask you, even if on day 1 of the P90X Workout… Are you or did you get instantly ripped? Nope!!! It takes time and constant effort and so does the business. So does anything in life.

With all this said, let me tell you, there is No Better Time to take your passions and turn it into a side income (or potentially full time) with Beachbody Coaching.

But I don’t want you to join my team… Not yet.

There are (2) steps you need to take before we can even speak of you becoming a coach on Team Allegiance. Why? Because I care about your success and it’s pointless to have you join if you really don’t have your own success in heart. I’m dead serious about this.


Step 1)

Watch this training series to understand why there is No Better Time to become a Beachbody Coach then now

Beachbody Coach – No Start Up Fee!

Beachbody Coach – No Startup Fee Combined With Shakeology = Win/Win

Step 2)

Use my Contact Form and tell me about yourself, tell me what program you are using and why you are so passionate about Beachbody. Tell me why you want to join Team Allegiance and why you think Beachbody Coaching is your vessel.

Be forewarned, don’t be fake or tell me, “I want to join because I want to make money”. That answer simply will not do and you will not have success with that mindset. If that’s your only answer, take some personal time to look inside yourself and find your real reasons for wanting more, then come back.

Use my Contact Form and place “Beachbody Coach” in the subject line and tell me about you. But only after completing (Step 1) above.

Speak soon