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Who wants to Work From Home, Be Super-Sexy Fit, AND finally Quit your dead-end corporate job!?

Since the answer to that question is an obvious “I Do!” I want to take a moment to share an incredible story.

You see I am under the assumtion that you are looking to achieve your dreams?

Am I right?

Good, because that’s exactly what I want to help you do. This page will seriously change your life forever, I’m not just saying that, I mean it!

The story I am about to share is a story of pain, struggle, and finally realization.

You see, I had spent years fading into the zone of no-health and no-fitness. Been there before?

Every day seemed to be a day of struggle. I didn’t feel good, I ate garbage, and I couldn’t even pay my bills. These were dark days. Every week was a struggle to feel good and at the same time trying to put that smile on and go to my Corporate Job as a server.

Because of the onset of nothingness in my life I started down a dark road of depression and blame.

I want to be in shape but I don’t have time“,

I wish I could afford that but I am broke“,

When I have money I’ll be able to buy that

Any of those statements sound familiar?

These were often thoughts that went through my mind with no real intention behind them.

You see I spent more time validating my negative path and little to no time taking action and taking responsibility for my life!

What does this have to do with Coaching?

Everything! You see it literally took one day to change my life. Suddenly I realized that everything ‘negative’ in my life was my own doing!

I wasn’t in shape because I didn’t do anything to work out!

I couldn’t afford anything because I did nothing to make more money!

It was at this realization that I picked up my P90X and pushed play without ever doubting myself and with every intention to follow through!

P90X Day 1

Awesome – That was the solution to being out of shape But what about Money? What about that Corporate Job I hated?

You see I ALWAYS knew there was something better I just never did any looking and never took any action to make it happen!

I got stuck in that self-digging rut of wishing without action, dreaming without intention, and wanting without giving!

Are you holding yourself back?

Well now that you understand a little bit about me and why I started coaching now I want to share some more information with you.

My goal right here – right now is to answer some of your questions like:

  • “Why should I be a coach?”
  • “Is it a scam?”
  • “What does it cost?”
  • “I’m ready to take action but how do I actually make it work?”
  • “How do I get You to be my Sponsor?”

Of course this is my very own opinion but I beleive if you are a Beachbody Customer and you plan to stick around for an extended duration than you should absolutely be a coach! No questions asked. Keep in mind I signed up day one as a Coach with no results yet from P90X!

Let’s take a look at a few things you will get from Coaching:

  • 25% off ALL Products from Beachbody (This will save you so much money!)
  • Insider Updates and promotions on Beachbody Products
  • Incredibly Powerful Accountability
  • 100% Free Time!! (This is my favorite benefit!)

That’s just a few benefits – The list could go on but let’s move along.

This is my favorite question to answer – “Is Team BeachBody a Scam?

Well you may think I am biased because I am a Beachbody Coach but actually I am a Real-Life case study! Team Beachbody is as far from a scam as imaginable!

Not only is Beachbody Coaching the real deal but you absolutely Can and Will make money if you put the effort forth! I DID and DO Every Day!
(I will explain the effort needed in a moment)

You see Team Beachbody is in place as a way for us (Beachbody Customers) to help others (Other Beachbody Customers) succeed in their personal fitness goals.

Quite simply Beachbody founded coaching as a way for customers to connect and keep each other accountable! It’s brilliant!

Imagine how many people get all hyped from the commercial, place the order, but then loose all motivation and never use the product!?

Think about it.

Now picture this – That same person places the order but then loses motivation. However, after a couple days this customer gets an email or a call from their Coach (You and I) who offers themselves as a leaning post.

Do you see how powerful Coaching truly is!? Now this customer who would have packed their bags and counted the loss is now fired
up and ready because someone took the moment to care!!!

Is it hard and does it take a lot of time?

Absolutely not! Imagine just writing a single email worth 5 minutes of your time each week which in turn will motivate and inspire
your customers to Push Play. Think about that – Your customers will become fit and want more, the next time they purchase YOU get
commissions! (That’s just one way to earn btw)

That’s over simplified but basically that is all we have to do as coaches. Think about how powerful this is in your own fitness
journey. Because you are staying in tune with others it also will keep you going, it’s a give-give. Your customers get motivation
and results – You get Super-Powerful Accountability AND You Get Paid!

Who is beginning to see the big picture here!?

I’m sure you are wondering “Sure that sounds great but what does this coaching thin cost?

Very Little! This is the lowerest cost buy-in business I have ever even considered.

I will tell you the cost and break it down for you:

  • $39.95 Today (That gets you signed up, you get a personal Beachbody Coaches Back Office, a Corp Website, Email, etc.)

After 30 day’s

  • $15.00/ Month (This keeps your account open and maintained)

Now to become an ‘Active’ Coach‘ you must place an order each month totalling 50PV (Personal Volume Points)

Don’t worry, I’ll explain the points

Once you become a coach each item in the store will have a Volume point assigned. It’s pretty much based on dollar value – So

basically about $50 worth of product will equal 50PV and will allow you to achieve ‘Active‘ status.

“Why do you have to order?”

Think about it – Beachbody Coaches are in place to help others by answer questions and giving recommendations. We have to use the
products and services to become knowledgable. Requiring a purchase each month just shows Beachbody that we are ‘Active’ and that
was are using the products ourselves!

Most likely you were buying supplements each month anyway. I just get the Peak Health Formula Personally and because I am a coach
I save 25% off the retail price and at the same time it keeps me active!

You might be wondering “What does ‘Active’ mean?

Basically it means you are eligible to recieve commissions and bonuses from your team and your customers purchases! So it’s rather
important wouldn’t you say?

So let’s break this down!

To be an Active coach Today it will cost the following:

$39.95 + ~$50.00 = ~$90.00 Today.

Of course if you’d rather just be a coach and not get active until you have looked over the business package (You will recieve the package in the mail after paying the $39.95) then just pay the one time $39.95 today and that’s all!

But I don’t even have a work out program yet, Can I still be a coach?

Yes! You see it gets even better for you! You will have the chance today to get the ‘Showcase Package‘ when you sign up as a coach.

What is the ‘Showcase Package’?

I’m happy you asked =)

Your Showcase Pack includes 6 of our top selling fitness programs!

  • P90X® with Tony Horton

* Twelve routines that introduce new moves and challenge your muscles to get you absolutely ripped in 90 days.

  • Power 90® with Tony Horton

* Our 90-day boot camp features fast and effective circuit-training workouts to transform your body in as little as 35 minutes a day.

  • Turbo Jam® with Chalene Johnson

* Kickboxing and body-sculpting workouts set to the hottest dance music…so get ready to rock your workout!

  • Slim in 6® with Debbie Siebers

* Combines cardio with light resistance moves to burn fat and reshape your abs, thighs, buns, and hips in just 6 weeks.

  • Hip Hop Abs™ with Shaun T

* Revolutionary ab-sculpting system that will give you the abs you’ve always dreamed of without a single sit-up or crunch.

  • Yoga Booty Ballet® with Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough

* Hollywood’s fun fitness secret mixes yoga, dance, and body sculpting to blast calories and target abs, thighs, and booty.

  • Plus, the B Lines® Resistance Bands Super Kit

* Perfect for total-body sculpting, toning, and fat burning; includes 3 bands and 2 sets of handles.

  • Squishy Ball

*Tighten and tone your abs and sculpt your inner thighs with this amazing little resistance tool. It’ll also improve your
coordination and flexibility! Size: 6″ diameter.

More than $200 in savings!
This incredible Showcase Pack, valued at more than $400, can be yours today for only $199.95.

It’s not required but man is it recommended!

So by now you see how powerful being a Coach Really is! You know some benefits, you know it’s the Real-Deal, You know you can
start regardless of your fitness progress, and you even learned how to get some incredibly Exclusive savings!

Now I want to move on and answer this question
“I’m ready to take action but how do I actually make it work?”

That my friend is Easily Answered! You see when I started as a coach I had no former training in running a business and I had
absolutely no idea what to do!

Which is exactly your benefit! I didn’t know what to do but I knew what I wanted to achieve! I spent 8 months of hard work
studying and learning exactly how to be a successful internet entrepreneur!

I have put together a training series to show you, step-by-step exactly the system I have used to create my own success! It’s
easily duplicated for you and those you sponsor in the future and best of all – It’s FREE!

I spent A LOT of time putting together the training and techniques that have worked for me. So my time and ‘failures’ will be Your
instant success!

But Don’t just take my word for it – Go Here and start getting the training Today!

Maybe you have done an MLM before and had little success?

There are two reasons why people ultimately fail in MLM.

1) They don’t get the upline training and support needed to find success and sponsor others
2) They don’t have the true intention to be successful and only dream but never take action

That’s it.

Well #1 is answer already – I am a highly active Coach and also a Successful Network Marketing Entrepreneur who will show you the ropes,
essentially the “Do’s” and “Dont’s” of marketing this business and really any other.

However, #2 is up to you! Before we get to the end here and you sign up as a coach I need you to be able to answer the following
with a Yes. Not just one but all 3:

  1. Are you Ready to Take Action in Your Life?
  2. Do you have roughly ~$100 to invest without taking food off your table?
  3. Are you Willing and Able to Listen, Learn, And Implement everything I give you?

If you said Yes to all three then you are absolutely without a doubt ready to become an ‘Active’ Beachbody Coach.

It will take some time to start earning – I like to say give it about 3 months and you will break even, at 6 months you will be
profitting, at 8 months to a year you could very well quit your corporate job forever and be in riches you never could have

Sound good to you?

My ultimate goal in becoming a coach was in one light to help others but also to find 100% free time in my life. It’s not even
about the amazing income potential to me but more about living every moment of my life by my choosing!

The 9-5 Corporate life is just not for me – Is it for you?

Alright – The final Question

“I want to be a Coach but How Do I Get You as My Sponsor?”

So you have found great resonance with me and my story – I will be more than happy to team up with you to show you exactly how I
have taken nothing and turned it into everything in my life.

But first I’ll tell you, coaching NEVER seems like work to me. I more often send emails to customers but occasionally I will call
and check up. In those calls it is like talking to friends I have known forever. We are bound together in our journey for better
health and fitness so we already have a link.

I have never felt more empowered in coaching than the times when I get done with a phone call. You know, the kind words of people sayings stuff like:

“Wow, your call really added inspiration to my work out”
“I haven’t worked out in a week but you calling has  really made me take action”
“It’s nice to hear from you, I mean I knew I had a coach but for you to actually take the time to call and show you care is astounding”.

Love and Dreams is what makes the world go round – Help someone achieve Their Dreams and Your Dreams will come true without a seconds notice.

Don’t wait anymore for Profound Riches to come into your life without ever actually doing anything to make it happen. Seems great
to dream but suddenly you realize your own ability to justify your current lack of abundance.
You see it is You that has the power to change your life – Nobody else!

“Ok Ok I get it and I am ready to Take Action and Be a Coach with You as my Mentor and Sponsor”

Great – My suggestion is that you get signed up ASAP.

It does take some time to grasp the knowledge and skill sets you will need to truly be successful. I promise it is Not hard and
You will get it but it will take the effort and ability to learn and Take Action!

The sooner you become a Coach and start taking the action to build your business the sooner you will make an income!

OK you have made it this far which proves to me that you are of high caliber! I’m going to toss in a Huge Bonus Package to get you started on the path of Success Today, not Tomorrow.

Oh yeah – It’s Free too! =)

So Become a Coach Today and Make Incredible Things Happen with this once in a life-time opportunity!

Take Action Today!

P.S. Still not entirely sure? If you went through everything on this page and still didn’t have your important question(s) answered I have one suggestion. Call me! Sometimes Direct Contact is the best way to answer stubborn questions. Let’s figure out if coaching is right for you 239-220-3529

Jason Croxford aka Betterbody90
Independent Fitness Coach