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P90X Is All I Want For Christmas!

P90X is absolutely worth the money and will be a perfect gift. It’s not a special machine but more of a nutritional/ fitness schedule to follow, kind of like a boot camp. It’s very hard core and absolutely works for anyone who is dedicated to the results and stays consistent. It’s not a body building program but will absolutely help anyone get ripped and build lean mass.

Oh The Insanity! I’m Back In It!

Today was Day 1 back into Shaun T Insanity, I’m starting out with Plyo Cardio Circuit, not because it’s my favorite but because I know it will provide a due challenge. I love and hate that particular DVD.

Insanity Workout – To The MAX!

If your thinking about Insanity, be prepared! It’s far from easy. But hey, I am sure that’s what your looking for anyways otherwise you wouldn’t be looking into the program.