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How To Over-Come The Holiday Season

Don’t let your P90X (PX90) workout results and motivation fade away because of making bad decisions. This video will help you stay on goal!

P90X Workout – Yoga Is Boring

I’ve heard this one to many times and so I have decided to set this one straight. I feel there is a HUGE different between ‘boring and ‘challenging’ and today’s video with leave a clear impression that the P90X workout, yoga x is not ‘boring’… Maybe long, hard, challenging, etc. But not boring!

P90X Workout Motivation – I Did What I Had To Do

Long story short, my motivation for the P90X workout had wore a little thin. Not really just with P90X but with getting my butt to move in general. I recently moved to a new apartment and had everything up in the air. But that’s not my excuse. Actually, I really don’t have one…