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Week 1 Summary | Hammer & Chisel Workout Reviews

As I write this post it is 6:39am on Tuesday Jan 12th, 2016 and it’s day 2 this week of my #5daysofpurpose. It’s already been a full week in the Hammer & Chisel workout and in my week 1 summary I would definitely compare this program to the Classic P90X but super-efficient (20-45 min workouts rather than P90X which was upwards to 1.5 HOURS A DAY!)

Let’s Spin!

So I decided to take a class today at my local gym which appropriately is called “Spin Class”. I had heard about this before and even glanced into the room a couple times during previously class sessions. “It can’t be that crazy?” I...

Remind Yourself Why – Why did you start Fitness?

You see, we put ourselves through the crazy pains, body aches, and muscle soreness for something. But if you forget what your original dream was then you may find yourself wondering why you are even doing it. It only takes a small amount of doubt to convince yourself that it’s not worth it…