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How I Became A Successful Diamond Beachbody Coach In 5 Steps

Being unhealthy and unhappy just plain sucks! That’s why so many people (including myself) turn towards finding a deeper meaning in life and begin creating a new path through passion. I am about to let you in on, what I feel, are the top 5 things that have...

Beachbody Coach – How I Failed To Success

Beachbody Coach – What I am getting at is this, the only reason I have achieved the level of success I have today, is only because I just started somewhere and kept doing it. I could have easily given up after months of very little views, little traffic, and barely any sales. But I just kept going because, when I started, I had this one repeating thought.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated here but that’s only because I now have specific websites for each of the workout programs I use. I created a specific website for the P90X Workout, Shaun T Insanity Workout, Shakeology, and even my Beachbody Coaching