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Shaun T Insanity


Shaun T Insanity is Freak’n Nuts! It’s seriously the hardest and most challenging cardio workout program I have Ever Done – Hands down. If you like to push to your limits then Insanity is absolutely the next step to take!

You know, In all honesty I think the Insanity workout DVD could even be for those at entry level as long as doing only what they can do. It’s not about keeping up with the DVD, it’s about giving what you can! – Am I Nuts for saying that? Maybe…

But since the Insanity workout is 100% cardio and power, just You and GravityNo Equipment or Chin-ups needed; I think anyone ready at least for P90X can pick up Insanity and hit it at their own pace, taking advantage of the pause button and rest when needed.

Take a look at my Day 6 Update Video

You will witness first hand the power of the Insanity workout and the Energy you will get!


Day 6 Shaun T Insanity (Plyometrics Cardio Circuit)


Are You Seriously Ready To Dig Deeper Than You Ever Have??


Shaun T Insanity is based on VERY high intensity interval circuits – Or basically known as HIIT. Basically, by the end of the first 5-minutes you will be standing in a pool of sweat, I’m not kidding!

The Insanity Workout is different than most HIIT programs because it turns the norm upside down. Usually the HIIT concept has you doing quick bursts of high intensity with longer rests in between. Shaun T did things completely opposite.

The Insanity workout takes the standard and gives you long high intensity bursts with short 30-seconds breaks in between. You will pretty much be begging for it to be over after you finish warm-up. So don’t try this if you don’t like hard and intense workouts. You WILL absolutely, without a doubt, have to dig down and push harder than you ever have.

Check out this video which explains more about the Insanity workout program.

The Standard Edition of Shaun T Insanity Comes with:


  • Elite Nutrition Plan – No Snacking – You Eat 5 Solid Meals A Day To Keep Up!
  • Fitness Guide – Straight up and to the point
  • INSANITY™ Calendar – The calendar lays it all out in one spot so you know what to do, when to do it. No excuses!
  • FREE Online Support Tools – Connect with others taking the Insanity Workout challenge, you don’t have to do this alone

So You Really Think You Are Ready?



Click Either Image To Buy:


(The Regular is NOT easy, the second is just plain nuts!)


Transform your body in 60 days with the most intense workout program ever put on DVD. Shaun T will push you past your limits to get the hardest body you’ve ever had.

Regular Price: $119.85


INSANITY Deluxe Recovery Package

In addition to everything in your INSANITY program, you also get two more extreme workouts, MAX Interval Training and Insane Abs, plus a 60-day supply of Results & Recovery Formula to maximize your results, plus a FREE workout, Upper-Body Weighted Workout.

Regular Price: $239.70

One More Peak At My Own Experience With The Insanity Workout Program


Here Is My Shaun T Insanity Day 1 Fit Test Video