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Unfortunately the P90X Workout is not as simple as buying the DVDs and calling it good.

This article will help you discover the things you absolutely need and will discuss a few additional things you can live without but should consider non-the-less when doing the P90X workout.

A Set of Dumbbells and / or Resistance Bands

Now personally I prefer the Dumbbells to the bands but if all you have are bands then you can still do the P90X workout program. The difference being that you won’t get the explosive results you are looking for with just bands.

To build muscle and get super toned you will need to lift heavy weights. There is no way around it.

I suggest starting with at least 10lb dumbbells and having at your disposal a couple additional sets ranging from 15 pounds to 25 pounds. You should have at least 2 sets of dumbbells available because the moves vary so much you can’t possibly use one set for everything.

Bands will work but I suggest weights to get maximum results.

A Chin Up bar

You absolutely, without a doubt, need a way to do chin ups. A big portion of the P90X workout involves chin ups. Whether you have a solid bar in your gym or the iron gym (like me) in your door way, either will work just fine. 80-90% of the time you should at least have a door frame that can handle the iron gym chin up bar.

The Team Beachbody Store also offers a P90X version of the Chin Up bar with many hand grips and works exactly the same as the Iron Gym. If you are ordering P90X you can combine shipping when you order the P90X Chin Up Bar at the same time. Just something to consider.

*You can use bands here if that is your last resort, but again, I suggest an actual chin up bar to bands to maximize results. I got my Iron Gym for $30 bucks on Ebay, it is also available at Wal Mart and Target for cheaper these days.

A Yoga Mat

No matter what, get a mat! You can find these for $10 at Wal Mart in the fitness equipment section. You will need one! If you have a soft carpeted workout area at home then you may be able to squeeze by. But if you are on a hard wood or tile surface, get a Yoga Mat!

Your knees will thank you. Yoga X is brutal so be prepared to begin with! Never cut corners when it comes to your body and especially your joints!

Workout Sheets

You can download these sheets directly from Beachbody and they will play a crucial role in keeping track of your progression throughout the P90X workout. If you don’t write down how many reps and how much weight you used you will have no idea what to do next time.

I leave notes on these sheets telling myself to increase or decrease weight the next time I do a particular p90x workout, without it I would be lost and progress hindered. Use them!

*I also have links available for download at the Buy P90X page here on Betterbody90.com.

A Chair

Finally, you will need a chair. Not for much but for a few moves.

Chair Dips, Seated Shoulder Flies, Plyometrics swing kicks, Declined push ups, and maybe for added support when doing push-ups!


Make sure you have a nice set of cushioned shoes mainly for plyometrics jump training. Again, if you have a carpet you may be able to get by, but if you have a hard surface to work with, get shoes!

Recommended but not needed

A Fan

You will without a doubt build up quite a sweat doing the P90X workout program. Having a fan blowing directly on you to keep you cool will be a very nice addition. Use what you have or get something cheap from your local store.

Your body performs best when it is kept cool so I highly suggest a fan to help you out!

A Camera / Measuring Tape

You don’t HAVE to take pictures and measurements But I highly suggest you do! It’s crucial to be able to look back at your day one photo compared to day 10, 20, 33, 62, etc. the same goes for measurements.

These numbers and pictures will play a huge roll in keeping you motivated while you go through the program. Being able to actually look at pictures side by side will really help boost motivation when you can actually see love handles fading away and muscles popping out. Believe me!

Let’s wrap this up. If your wondering, “bands over weights?” I will say this. You CAN use bands BUT I highly suggest you invest in weights for maximum results. Bands to me are an absolute fail safe if you just cannot get weights but should not be primary.

The recommended equipment is your choice but is highly recommended!

The only step now is to finally stop with the excuses, Buy P90X here today, and prepare to do something good for yourself. It won’t happen until you DO something about it!