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P90X Review | Day 2


That’s my first reaction after completing the P90X Plyometrics workout. That was the most intense cardio session I’ve had in awhile. I went into it about 45 minutes after having breakfast and a coffee, not the smartest idea but luckily no cramps.

I do need to share some advice from my second day… Now I knew this wasn’t smart to start with but please don’t do your P90x routine with bare feet on a laminate floor. It becomes VERY slippery and makes you very prone to slip and fall injuries. I was slipping and sliding about half way through on some of the jump routines; not a good idea.

Day 2 Plyometrics

The video starts out with some good warmup techniques that started to make me think, “Hey, this is going to be easy“… Guess again.

About 20 minutes into the video I was reeeeally starting to feel the burn, I looked at the play time and realized I still have 40 minutes to go! But I stuck to it, regardless of the fact I was rather sore from Day 1.

The great thing is that Day 2 hits a totally different muscle group than day 1 so it didn’t effect my performance in anyway. In fact, I started to feel realll good and my soreness virtually went away. Though I still felt the muscle fatigue.

Day 2 notes:

I really think im going to invest in some supplements at the beginning of week 2, it seem that this would help me recover faster and im sure it will help peak my performance.

I did manage to capture my heart rate though I didn’t have a monitor. At every “water break” I did a pulse check for 15 seconds x4; this isn’t the best measurement but it was good enough to start. My heart rate really got up there and stayed the entire video… This were my results:

  • Water break 1 : 44×4 = 176 bpm (beats per minute)
  • Water break 2 : 48×4 = 192 bpm
  • Water break 3 : 48×4 = 192 bpm
  • Water break 4 : 48×4 = 192 bpm
  • Water break 5 : 49×4 = 196 bpm
  • Water break 6 : 47×4 = 188 bpm

Along with the supplements next week I also plan to add a heart rate monitor to get accurate results, though the above results are a general idea.

Those rates are really high and do keep in mind I don’t play around in cardio, I push myself to the absolute brink of burn. Think about it, this is the hardest hour of you day so, make it count!

Stay tuned for a day 2.1 post which will include before (or now pics) and measurements!