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Long story short, my motivation for the P90X workout had wore a little thin. Not really just with P90X but with getting my butt to move in general. I recently moved to a new apartment and had everything up in the air. But that’s not my excuse. Actually, I really don’t have one…

What’s funny is since I started blogging I have always shared my own experiences to help others who are in the same rut (Or who may experience these obstacles in the future). I don’t claim to be any more than an average guy who has extraordinary dreams and drive to make things happen. But even with that, not every day is easy.

The great news is I finally did what I had to do and now I am ready to tackle the P90x workout program with full intent, action, and very little distraction!

So what did I do?

Well, there have been a couple things I noticed that were slowly seeping their way back into my life. General laziness, TV, video games, general internet ‘OCD’ (you know what I mean – checking email, facebook, and just randomness) etc.

Not that all these things are bad in reasonable doses but I tend to let things consume me at times. The internet part is great and all because I, after-all, I’ve built an online business. But I was beginning to lose focus on my roots, the basics of health and nutrition. After a long day of working business strategies I would expend all my energy and become lazy.

After being lazy I would play games or watch TV which ultimately put me in what I like to call, “Zombie Mode”.

Basically I stayed up way to late for no real particular reason which begins a cycle, a cycle of staying up and sleeping in. End result, it becomes harder and harder to get my butt moving.

So what did I do to break this?

Well, im still building my business stuff cause that’s what I do… BUT, the gaming and TV has been removed. You see, at the end of the day you have to realize what is truly important to you and your life. What things do you do that waste your time and what can you do to optimize your time?

We all have 24 hours in the day – It’s what you DO with that time that makes the difference…

That’s not to say on a rainy day I won’t enjoy gaming or TV, after-all, I’m a gamer at heart and nothing will change that. But, I also have great dreams which I know require consciousness and action to make happen.

I went out for a peaceful walk at a local park here in Fort Myers, FL (Lakes Park). Being out in nature and observing all things existing is really what brings me back to true realization. It’s what I do now and again when I begin to become ‘blind’ and stat letting stupid things take over.

Then and there I made the decision. The only way to remove the problem that was leeching my time was to remove it all together. Mainly my games… So, I made a rock solid decision, drove straight home and booted up my computer… I went right to my Uninstall Programs and just did it. My games are gone.

With that I am without distraction and ready to get it on.

That was 2 days ago. I’m already going to bed between 10-midnight rather than 3-4 am. I’m waking up earlier and more refreshed.

You see, the moral of my story today is that you can’t achieve the goals you want if you continue to let things chip away at your time and focused energy.

If you REALLY want to make something BIG happen in your life… Well, you have to make BIG changes.

So, what’s holding you back from pushing play with your P90X workout? What’s stopping you from becoming healthier? What’s leeching your time that, when you think about it, has no real purpose in your life and with your time.

When you find out what it is, do something drastic to remove it because that’s the only way to move on. If you always surround yourself with whatever it is that steals your dreams, well, you will always end up back in the same place.

If you’ve been holding off getting the P90X Workout, well, this is your wake up call…