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Ok, I just wanted to make a quick update right now – Expect a full 30 day p90x review complete with pictures, comments, perhaps a video, etc. later tonight!

I completed P90X Ab X and Shoulders/Back/Triceps last night. I started around 7:30 p.m. and completed near 9 p.m. I had just enough time to spare before joining a Scheduled Webinar for my Online Business Endeavors -But that’s a whole separate blog! (Check it out… http://jasoncroxford.com )

Wow! The work outs went very smooth and I brought it hard. Ab X couldn’t keep up with me for once! Well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but it was a million times easier than day one!

Nothing new to report except the fact I can really feel Ab X working. I’m so much stronger in the core and have no problem bringing it! I completed the ENTIRE Mason Twist routine without putting my feet down! I think that’s a first. Usually I end up breaking half way through or crossing my feet to keep my legs up – But not anymore!

P90X Review | Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

I absolutely Love this video. Its nitty-gritty and really makes you work. There are no repeat exercises, you just pump one out after the other.

*You don’t use a chin-up bar at all in this one!

It’s plain and simple resistance training with and without weight. I did find that I need to invest in some 5 lb weights for the weighted circles – Yeah Yeah Yeah you’re thinking 5lbs, what a pansy! Well folks it’s all about Perfect Form and Doing Your Best. If your just getting back into physical fitness after years off like me then you will know exactly what I mean when you try that set!

As I type this update I want to note how sore I am! No, not a bad sore – But a really good sore! I feel very accomplished and burnt though I still have yet to do P90X Plyometrics today.

*Wow it is note worthy to say – Though this has no relevance to my update – It just got very dark here at my computer. I love Florida for the bright sunshine and then Sudden switch to black rainy clouds out of Nowhere!

Looks like We’re in for a storm!

Stay tuned for my Complete 30 Day P90X Review tonight!

If you are wondering, does p90x work? I can tell you first hand that it DOES but you must show up and follow the plan to the best of your ability. If you cannot commit to fitness and nutrition then it won’t work. If you CAN commit and you are ready to change your life, buy p90x and start immediately!