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Get Rid Of The Excuses and Push Play With The P90X Workout!

That’s right! My workout buddy Kris Hanks (aka Coach Xtreme) and I have reached Day 12 of our Classic P90X Workout journey! You saw me personally transform on Youtube from Dec 08-March 09 but then Nothing!

What happened? Well, to be quite honest I kept making excuses! I would try here and again and even make videos saying “Guess what everyone, I’m back in it!“. Then after 2 weeks I would fade away. Basically I would tell myself “It’s ok to take today off” and that made it easier to take then next day off and so on.

Have you been or are you there now also?

Are you trying to push play but can’t make it past month one before you lost motivation? It’s OK! We are all human and fitness hurts, it really does! Think of it this way though, if it was easy EVERYONE would have a 6 pack! You have to Earn It through Hard Work and Showing Up!

Consistency is key!

My suggestion: Find someone who is as dedicated as you to push each other forward. There are days I would have not worked out but Kris showed up! Other days I have done the same for him! We are 100% on track 2 weeks in because we committed to a time and to each other, it’s that simple!

It can be anyone! Ask your sister or brother, mom or dad, best friend co-worker, etc. I bet if you look around you will find someone as dedicated as you to get this done. Stop making excuses and just DO IT!

Here is our latest Video Blog update of the P90X Workout Day 12 with a super power message to kick you in the butt and push you out of that rut into better health and fitness!’

If already have the P90X Workout all you need to do is Show Up and put in the work! Now, if you are researching before you Buy P90X then I have some Very Important information YOU NEED to look at!

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