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P90X Review | Day 1

I’ve completed Day 1 of the P90x Workout and definitely felt the burn!

It’s been awhile since I’ve really done a good full workout. I got to use my Iron Gym which I ordered about a week ago during my planning phase. I was a little disappointed in how fast I burnt out on the workouts but I know it will get better in time, this was day 1!

I also just joined the P90X coaching program to help motivate myself and in turn motivate and help others achieve their goals. It’s going to be a tough 90 days but it will be complete!

Tomorrow on day 2 I will put together my nutrition plan and head to the grocery store for supplies. At the moment im going to skip on using extra supplements but I definitely plan to add some protein and other supplements to the mix as I progress into week 2.

I hope to make myself fully available to answer questions and concerns about the program as I progress through, so please don’t hesitate to Contact Me!

A quick summary…

Day 1 P90X Chest & Back

The video starts out with a good cardio workout that gets you moving and breathing, but soon turns into a challenge. I realize this was day 1 but I found myself burning after only 4-5 chinups in some cases. I did log my numbers, including reps and weights so if you have questions about any detail please email me.

As much as this workout did cause some physical uncomfort I did continue to the end and I am very happy that I did.

Ab Ripper X

I’ve done this video before and have always been impressed with the burn you can achieve with just 16 minutes. I was using this video solely for a good two months and definitely noticed a much stronger core. Unfortunately with a move that followed and a hectic work schedule I fell off a couple months back.


Today wrapped up well even though I feel I should have done more. My body told me where it was at and now I know where to build from. I am very excited to start my day tomorrow with the Plyometrics workout, lets see where it takes me!

Stay tuned…