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Warning! After watching the video at the bottom of this post you may have no option but to say “screw it“. Continue ONLY if you want to get inspired, motivated, and get ready to do your workout!

I have been creating P90X reviews from my personal experience with this workout program for nearly 2 years now.

With that said, I experienced one of those days this past Saturday where I knew I had to workout, I had to do what it takes, and yet I found myself watching TV putting it off.

You ever have those days?

I’ll do it in an hour...” turns intoI’ll start at 6…turns intoOK i’ll really start at 7…” etc.

For no real particular reason you keep putting off and delaying until that moment when it becomes “to late” to workout and you decide to do it tomorrow. Then tomorrow turns into the next day, the next day turns into starting over next week,  and so it continues.

I came face to face with one of those moments but this time I did something different…

I said “Screw You” and I did my P90X workout. The motivation I experienced was so inspiring to me that I HAD to put it on video that very moment to share with you.

Let’s face it, we are human and we are prone to days like this. But this is EXACTLY what you need to do the next time you catch yourself putting off your workout. Even if  you’re doing something other than P90X this can still be used!

Get ready to be fired up!

I recommend the P90X workout program to anyone! Why? Because it works! BUT, it only works when you show up and you put in the work. It’s not a fancy machine or some gimmick, P90X is about following a healthy lifestyle day in and day out; it’s about committing yourself to your goals and never looking back. Only buy p90x if you are truly ready and serious about your health/ fitness!