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I have just completed my P90X Legs and Back routine, I’m feeling great though my legs feel very similar to spaghetti. I have to work a long shift at work today so I held back on the Ab X until I get home tonight. I figure taking a break between shouldn’t hurt my progress as today is more about anaerobic than aerobic (Muscle building vs Cardiovascular).

I will say that I’m feeling much better today with the body pain, it has greatly reduced and I think it will all be gone after my rest day. I’m very excited to hit week 2 of P90X with a refreshed mind, body, and spirit.

I found I had all the necessary equipment for the workout today so it made things much easier on me. I’ve also been working harder at implementing a better diet, I haven’t been eating bad but the problem is, I have not been eating enough. Yesterday at work I was starving and ended up going 6 solid hours with nothing, I was really hitting ground zero and I don’t want that to happen today!

I did fail pretty soon on all the chin-up exercises which is disappointing because I used to be so much better in this area. I was failing around 6-8 reps and then 2-4 on the second round. No worries though, I know it will get better in week 2 and beyond!

So far I would recommend the P90X workout to anyone who is ready for a challenge, that is one thing P90X DOES NOT LACK. However, I do recommend anyone starting this program to take the first week easy, about 70% effort. Give your body time to condition and adapt first!