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How exactly does P90X Ab Ripper work? P90X Reviews will tell you that this DVD focuses directly on the core and over-all mid section to help build up the abdominal and core balance muscles. Some P90X Reviews will even tell you its 16 minutes long and usually follows Chest & Back, Shoulder & Arms, Back & Biceps, and a couple other resistance style P90X Workouts.

But what kind of moves does P90X Ab Ripper X include? How does the DVD actually work?

P90X Ab Ripper X is completed entirely on the floor so a Yoga mat or carpeted area is absolutely necessary to avoid a sore tail bone. As mentioned above Ab Ripper X is always done following one of the P90X Resistance workouts, 3-days a week.

All of the moves performed in Ab Ripper are done in 25 reps, or in the case of leg climbers, 12 reps right and 12 reps left. Also, the Mason Twist is completed with 50 Reps. Now let’s review each move that P90X Ab Ripper includes.

  • In and Outs: Sitting on the floor with hands on the floor near the hip, legs together they extend outward towards the floor but not touching. Knees are then tucked back into the chest. This is repeated 25 times or until fail.
  • Bicycles (Forward 25 reps, Reverse 25 reps): While in the seated position as the previous workout. Legs are held out and alternated in a bicycle motion. This is done for 25 reps or until fail. The move is repeated in the opposite direction for the same reps.
  • Crunchy Frog: This is similar to “In and Outs” except instead of the hands on the floor they are extended 90 degrees from the body to the left and right. When the knees are tucked into the chest the arms surround the knees in a hugging motion. This is repeated for 25 reps or until fail.
  • Split Leg Sit-Ups: Lying flat on the floor with legs slightly split apart the left hand goes behind the head and the right is extend 45 degree from the body. In one motion the right arm is extended outward while lifting with the core into the seated position. The right arm extends over to touch the left toe. After resetting to the laying position, the move is repeated on the opposite side. This move is alternated left then right, for 25 reps.
  • Phipher Scissors: This move is performed lying down with the left leg extended outward from the body and approximately 2-4″ off of the floor. The right leg is extended approximately 90 degrees from the body towards the ceiling, straight knees if possible. The legs then switch to the opposite side and this is repeated for 25 reps or until fail.
  • Hip Rock ‘N Raise: Lying flat on the ground the feet are brought up and the bottoms of the feet held together while the knees go out to each side. In one motion the legs are brought upwards bending from the hip while the feet stay together. The toes are raised upwards, butt off the floor. This move is repeated upwards to 25 reps or until fail.
  • Pulse Ups (Heels to the Heavens): In this move the lower back to the head are flat on the floor, hands at each side. The body is bent at the hip 90 degrees with the legs extended towards the ceiling with little to no bend at the knee. In one motion the feet are raised straight up while the butt is raised off the floor, the hands are used for balance. This move is repeated 25 reps or until fail.
  • V-Up / Roll Up Combos: Lying flat on the floor, legs together, this move is performed by sitting up while bending at the hip to touch the toes. In one motion while laying back the legs are lifted together into a 30-45 degree angle while the upper body reaches towards the tows and attempts to create a “V” shape. Each position is a rep and this is repeated every other time for 25 reps or until fail.
  • Oblique V-ups: Lying on the right side with right hand on the floor near the body and a 30 degree angle from the feet to the head. The left hand is placed behind the head or neck and in one motion the body is lifted with the left elbow reaching sideways towards the knees. This move is repeated 25 reps per side or until fail.
  • Leg Climbs: Lying on the floor with the left foot flat on the floor creating a bend in the knee while the right leg is straight and extended 45 degrees from the floor. Lift up from the abdominal and “climb” the right leg by grabbing and pulling to touch the toe while the right leg stays in place. This move is repeated 12 reps per side or until fail.
  • Mason Twist: Sitting on the floor with feet together and extended outwards while leaning back slightly from the hip to create a “C” sit position, lift the feet slightly off the floor, place palms together and create one fist. Alternate touching the floor on the left and then right with the knuckles and do this while maintaining the “C” sit position while the feet stay just off the floor. This move is repeated for 50 reps or until fail.

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