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Man I feel like a million dollars today! I just completed P90X Kenpo and it certainly made me sweat, I have to say this is my favorite workout so far. I’m a sucker for cardio workouts and Kenpo X really hit the spot! I started my day a little rough, I was still rather sore this morning and to top things off I had a terrible nightmare that I was at work but couldn’t do my job properly.

Sometimes I get more stressed in my work dreams than at my real day job! But anyway, this is about my P90X Reviews  not my dreams; well unless I’m talking about my dreams to be fit and in great shape! 😉

I’m starting to get a little less sore with each passing day, I’ve been doing my workouts on time and it’s really starting to pay off. I don’t really notice a physical appearance change yet but I’m really feeling much better when it comes to my ability to bring it at each workout session. I figured it would take about a week to get back into the roll of things and it seems I was right. I am very excited to see what next week brings and I’m sure you can expect greater numbers on the reps.

Also, I started my diet on a serious note today after buying $50 in groceries. I have yet to add some protein powder but that will be soon enough, possibly tomorrow. I have the next couples days off which is good and bad because I won’t have an income but I’ll be able to bring 110% to each session.

I also want to add that I haven’t had any alcohol, fast food, candy, etc. I’ve been doing very good at keeping a healthy diet. It is difficult some days though, working at a gourmet burger restaurant really makes me want to break down sometime; but believe me when I say I won’t let that happen. I am dedicated 100% to my body and my health!

That’s about it for today, I had a great cardio workout and I can’t wait to see what happens next week! You can expect some new measurements and photo’s at the end of week two.

A few numbers just FYI:

(I still don’t have a heart rate monitor but I did my best by taking my heart rate at 15 sec x4 = BPM)

First water break: 40 = 160
Second water break: 45 = 180
Third water break: 47 = 188
Fourth water break: 44 = 176
Fifth water break: 48 = 192

Notice I really kicked it into high gear at the last segment, I really like to get all I can since it is the only hour I’m doing work. I’ll be honest, at the end I was left wanting more. I was actually tempted to throw in another hour of cardio but I’ll give my body a much deserved break and just bring more intensity on week 2!

Good luck and thanks for following along so far!

If you are on the fence about the P90X Workout and just don’t know if P90X really works… I can tell you it does! I would recommend this to anyone is really wants to whip themselves into shape. It’s not a matter of whether the program works (it does). Are you strong enough and motivated enough to follow through with the workouts and the nutrition guide?