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As I promised I will keep the P90X Reviews coming as I go through this program for the first time…

I have made it to week 2 of the P90X Workout without straying from my plan. My nutrition is still being incorporated into my daily routine and it’s going pretty good. I will say my biggest obstacle right now is my daily job at Red Robin. The shifts I work really interfere with my eating routine and make it hard to get 5 good meals in. Often times I find myself running 8 hours with no food which in turn makes me crash hard with low blood sugar and little energy.

I’m trying to find ways to curb this, but for anyone that works in the food service industry you understand how hard it is to actually take a moment to eat. I hope my Beachbody coaching business will soon replace the hours I need at Red Robin which will allow me much more freedom and a more consistent diet.

With that said, I have been eating a very well balanced and nutritious diet without going to far astray. I haven’t had beer and wings, though I miss the occasional after-work outing; I know what I really want in life and in Beachbody and I won’t let anything get in my way!

On day 7 I chose to take a day off and rest (Though I worked a full shift at work). I may add X stretch next week though as I think it is necessary.

Today started with a bang as I jumped into my P90X Shoulders and Back workout. It was of course the same as last week though I notice I had much more energy and I didn’t get the sick feeling. I actually felt on top of my game! I followed the video with Ab X which is getting better and better every time I complete the video. I hardly struggled through the Mason Twist at the end, the first day I fell over after the first 10 and had to jump in and out periodically; today I stuck through to 30, took 8 off and finish strong to the end.

I have tomorrow off from work and plan to add two more dumb bells, 10lbsx2 will be a good combo to mix with the 15lbsx2 I have now. I can use them independently or combine for 25lbsx2. This should be good for now until I get stronger in weeks 3 and 4.

I will also be getting a yoga mat tomorrow as this will help a lot, my current mat is an old camping air mat that is really unsuitable.

P90X Shoulders & Arms Review

Nothing really to add from last week except I noticed a much better result, no feeling nauseous at the end and I still had the ability to make a good effort in Ab X which immediately followed. My numbers for each set were about the same though, in some sets I was able to do a lot more reps. If you would like numbers please just ask in a comment and I’ll be glad to post them!

Tomorrow is P90X Plyometrics and I must say I am very excited, Cardio is my favorite exercise and Plyometrics never leaves me disappointed!

I can say more than ever that I recommend the P90X workout program to anyone who is willing and able to commit themselves. This stuff is not easy AT ALL! But, if you are committed I don’t see how you wouldn’t get results. But you HAVE to be committed!