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Wow it’s been several days since my last P90X update! Between work at Red Robin and the holidays I haven’t had time to blink. Most of my days I spend over tired and don’t get online to update this blog.

However with that said, just because I’m to busy to update doesn’t mean I haven’t been completing my exercise! I am still bringing daily though the time varies a lot. Sometimes I work out in the early A.M. and other times its late at night.

I added Creatine Monohydrate and 100% pure Whey Protein to my diet starting Dec 30th. I decided it was time to start supplementing, Even with my high protein and relatively healthy diet I found I wasn’t getting the desired level of protein. The general rule is 1g of pure protein per 1lb of body weight. Last I checked I was roughly 150lbs so I should be consuming no less than 150g of Protein, My goal is 150g-200g/day. 2 scoops of my protein powder adds a quick and easy 52g without requiring time to plan and cook a good meal. This works very well to compensate for my work schedule and the restrictions it causes on my diet.

Yesterday started week 4 of P90X with the workout Yoga X and today will be day 23 with Core Synergistics. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this workout! I don’t have time this morning as I have to work… but I should have decent time this afternoon once I get back.

Expect a blog update and perhaps a video when I complete today’s workout. I want to tell you how it went and how it felt because the Core Synergistics workout is a new video in my journey.

Stay tuned…

*New! I haven’t given in to the pressure… Or have I?

Well as the headline says, I’m still going at it! I may be a couple days behind on my updates but I haven’t given up on myself. I’m glad to see I finally have some readers who are following along. Makes me happy to know I’m motivating others!

I completed Core Synergistics, It may have nearly killed me, but I did it! This workout really puts it all on the table. You don’t do any repeat moves in the video, its just one insane thing after another. I mean, come on! I thought I was in “OK” shape before I did this. My Ego was soon put to shame.

It’s OK though, I completed it and that’s all that matters! I want everyone to tell me what they think of this workout, I certainly can’t be the only poor sap left panting on the floor while trying to do “Walking Pushups” – Can I?

Try it out! You WILL NOT be disappointed. If you want to sweat, burn, and feel over-all accomplishment in your day – Core Synergistics is for you!

I recommend the this workout program to anyone who thinks they can handle it. P90X does work, there is no question there; the real question is, do YOU work? If you have a bullet proof resolve and the strength to show up every day then P90X is for you