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P90X Reviews | Day 15

My rest day was pretty good yesterday, I stuck close to a good diet and as much as I wanted to stray – I didn’t! 🙂

I have a long term goal and nothing can break that. I love having WOWY, my blog, and my video blog to keep myself accountable and to keep pushing play! As anyone knows, staying motivated day in and day out isn’t exactly easy; After reaching day 15 today, I have no reason to let myself slide. I’ve started keeping a daily log of snapshots so at the end I can do a time-lapse 360 view of my results, starting day 12 and up.

Today I will start with a pre-Ab X routine instead of doing it directly after P90X Chest/Back or later in the day. I think this will be the best way to go about it but I’ll let you know how it goes!

Stay tuned!

I recommend the this workout program to anyone who thinks they can handle it. P90X does work, there is no question there; the real question is, do YOU work? If you have a bullet proof resolve and the strength to show up every day then P90X is for you