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With the new year approaching you may be considering your first round or maybe another round of the P90X Workout. It’s always around this time of year when everyone gets that burst of motivation to ‘start new’.

That’s all great but just doing the workouts is not good enough. You won’t get better results by doing the same thing. Results don’t happen from just repetition. Trust me, I’ve been giving P90X Reviews for almost 2 years now, I’ve seen it all with this workout program!

Whether you are new to P90X, starting over, or for that matter, doing something completely different this will affect you all the same.

Sure you need to show up to the workouts to get the body started in it’s transformation, that’s the first step. But are you REALLY bringing 110% to every workout? Are you pushing yourself harder each and every time?

Challenging yourself EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT to push out 1-3 more reps, to lift 1-5 more pounds, to keep the heart rate up just a little bit longer. Results are not all or nothing, they are earned through dedication, hard work, and incremental steps each and every day!

Show up to your workout and show it you mean business, take control, and dominate it! Get angry and use whatever motivation you need to drive yourself. It doesn’t matter if you moan, groan, make funny faces, or worry about what others may think. Just push it!

This video I made after my P90X Workout with a 17 pound weighted vest lays it out. Keep in mind, I didn’t start at 17 pounds, I started at 6 and each week I add no more than 5 pounds.

If you have not started your workout program yet and you plan to ‘start over’ at the beginning of 2011… Don’t Wait! New Years is an excuse to put it off. Start today and begin your total transformation one day at a time! Visit the Team Beachbody Store and select your program