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Hey there everyone!

Hope you all had a Safe, Exciting, and Happy Holiday… Merry Christmas to all!

I am so sorry for my lack of P90X updates but I have been very busy and just didn’t really get around to it. No worries though, I have been sticking to the workout plan 100% and I’d say 70-80% to my diet. No bad fats, candies, beer, etc. But some days I do get out of whack with the 4-5 meals a day. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less – Work really determines that for me.

For anyone that is or has been a waiter/waitress you understand how hard it is to eat at normal times. I have some shifts where I go 8 hours without any food because I get sat non-stop. I’m working on changing that but that will come with time, I do need money after all.

My last update left you hanging before I actually did my workout – Well I DID do it though I forgot to update that night; I’m sorry for that. I also did my Plyometrics last night, though it was very late. I actually went out the night before and was up until 4-5am for the first time in a couple weeks. I didn’t drink or break my diet though, all I did was really screw over my sleeping habits for that day. It’s ok though, it was well worth it – I mean I do need to have some fun after all, right?

P90X Plyometrics Review

So last night I started out feeling a little bit sick, actually a lot sick. My stomach just didn’t feel right, I think I ate to soon before I did my workout. Big mistake! All that jumping around made me very nauseous and it was difficult to complete the workout – But I did! I was proud of myself and felt pretty good at the end, so no harm done.

P90X Ab Ripper X Review

I’m giving this one it’s own update for one good reason. Tonight was absolutely incredible! For the first time in my three weeks I stuck 100% to the reps, it was almost TO easy! My mid-section is getting so much stronger and I’m definitely starting to notice some small visual results but even more so, I’m feeling the physical results. I really am getting back into amazing shape! I’ve been doing Ab Ripper x pre-workout the past two sessions, I was doing it immediately following a set or later that night. I find it works so much better to stretch, do AbX, then immediately follow with the main set. This works great for me!

P90X Shoulder & Arms Review

This one went very well too, I guess I’m just feeling ontop of my game today – Maybe it was the Christmas spirit? Or maybe that amazing lunch I cooked? 😉

I let myself have a pretty good sized portion for lunch but I kept it almost healthy.

I had a 1/2 breast of grilled BBQ chicken, one baked sweet potatoe with organic sugar sprinkled ontop, sauteed green beans in veg oil with garlic salt, about 1 cup of stuffing, and about 8th a can of jellied cranberry sauce. Today was quite the treat! The only thing that was truley bad in the diet was the real butter in the stuffing. But it was Oooooh so good ;). I’m a good cook -What can I say?

Anyway, I’ve been doing Video Blog updates nearly everyday to compliment my Blog so make sure and check them out!

Please Please Please Comment!

I want to know what you all think so far, your comments will help keep me motivated!

As I want to motivate others with my success!

Ok, well it’s time for bed – Merry Christmas.

Tomorrow will be P90X Yoga X in the morning 🙂

I recommend the this workout program to anyone who thinks they can handle it. P90X does work, there is no question there; the real question is, do YOU work? If you have a bullet proof resolve and the strength to show up every day then P90X is for you