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P90X Plyometrics Week 6 Day 44 – In Progress!

1/2 Point tomorrow folks. New Pics and measurements to come!

I was just thinking to myself tonight, “What will I do when I reach day 90?”

This is what I said… “P90X+ Ofcourse”

It’s going to be one smooth transition right into the next program people – Jason Croxford is not going to stop at day 90. It’s not the end of the program but the beginning of my life!

My experience will live on and maybe through my determination and will you to can find the inner strength.

My mind is made up – I’ve already put myself where I need to be, now all I have to do is work.

Seriously, the workouts are the fun part! It’s getting through those first 2 weeks or the first phase that’s hard – Your going to have down days and your going to have record breaking days. It’s a fact.

But pick yourself up with every morning light and refresh your mind back to where you started, you remember right? When you were imagining how good you’d look and how amazing you’d feel?

Take the time to remind yourself everyday why you’re here, you had a goal to start, and don’t forget it!

Expect so much more out of yourself, you are a great person, you can achieve incredible results!

You Have Already!

All you need to do is say “Yes” and everything else will just come to pass as though it was meant to be, because you made it that way!

I don’t care who you are, where you came from, if you weigh 300lbs, or if you weigh 100lbs – Bring it everyday and your life will get richer, you will get better, and most of all you will Succeed!

Bring it!

If you are wondering, does p90x work? I can tell you first hand that it DOES but you must show up and follow the plan to the best of your ability. If you cannot commit to fitness and nutrition then it won’t work. If you CAN commit and you are ready to change your life, buy p90x and start immediately!