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My friends,

The time is upon us yet again, it’s Thanksgiving in just 2 days! A time to live, love and laugh…

If you’ve been doing your P90X workouts faithfully (or whatever fitness you are doing), you may feel you deserve to let loose. Well guess what? I’m here to tell you otherwise in an Extremely Powerful video I created today!

In one of my recent blog posts I posed the question to you, “Are you willing to do what it takes?” or rather, I asked you to ask yourself that question. Meaning, will you remain on goal even when things catch you at a weak point?

The holiday season is a HUGE weak point for many, but this year, if you are honest with yourself, you will overcome the holiday ‘binge‘. There are holidays all throughout each and every year. If you keep telling yourself, “Oh it’s the holiday, it’s OK if I… (fill in the blank)

It’s an excuse! Don’t be weak and remain conscious of your decisions and above all, take responsibility for your actions. You can’t lie to yourself 😉

This video I made today will say it all and perhaps motivate you to do whats necessary

… That is, if you REALLY want to reach your goals.

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And if you’ve been putting off getting started with P90X because, “I’ll start after the holiday season… Christmas… New Years…Etc” Stop pushing it off and JUST DO IT, that’s the only way you will make the changes you desire!