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Just had to grab your attention to bring you up to speed with my current round through the P90X Workout!

I’m very pleased to report that Kris Hanks aka Coach Xtreme (Click to visit his site) and I have been 100% with our P90X workouts! Today we completed Day 8 which was Chest and Back plus this week we’ve started adding Ab Ripper X.

For those just joining I’ll fill you in really quick. Kris has not worked out in 16 years, he is 41, and he is ready to get in shape. We are doing the smart thing and started with 2 weeks of progressively harder conditioning and then completed week one of the p90x workout but without ab ripper.

Now that the hard part is DONE (Week 1) we are going full force!

Check out his real life struggles in this P90X Workout Day 4 Video Blog:

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