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The most common question I get about P90X is about the P90X Nutrition Guide.

That is what prompted me to create this short sneak peak video showing you some of the core of the Beachbody Club membership. This may very well be the solution to your P90X  nutrition guide problems.

Who the Beachbody Club membership is for:

  • Someone who hasn’t the slightest idea on what foods to eat
  • Someone who doesn’t know their own caloric needs
  • Someone who doesn’t know what to buy at the store
  • Someone who wants extra accountability and extra support
  • Someone who buys Beachbody product and could use a 10% discount

Here is a Short Sneak Peak video so you have an idea of what you will get as a Club Member:

As a Bonus with the Beachbody Club you will also have the ability to use WOWY (Work Out With You) which is an online super gym and a whole separate video in itself. In the respect of your time I will simply say this: WOWY is an online gym where thousands log on daily to log their workouts, chat, ask questions, and stay accountable to one another.

*Also, as a Beachbody Club member everyday you simply log your workout you will be eligible to win money, cameras, and other cool prizes just for logging your daily fitness journey! Can’t beat a little extra incentive to push play.

So what’s the cost?

I know at this point you must be wondering how much it’s going to cost you and witl all the incentives you may already have your own ideas.

I have some great news for you – It won’t cost your $50 a month or hundreds a year and for that matter it will hardly “break the bank”

*To become a Beachbody Club member you are looking at $38.87 Quarterly (Every 3 months) so roughly $13 a month (Though it only charges every three months).

Get this, as I mentioned above, as a Beachbody Club member you also receive an automatic 10% discount on all your beachbody product purchases! So for someone who is ordering Shakeology on a monthly basis on Home Direct you can now save an additional 10%!

Here is how to get started:

Click the following button and just follow the steps to setup your account:

That’s it! Your now a club member.

Take some time to explore and create  your custom meal plan, print your shopping list, and head out to the store today to start maximizing the P90X Nutrition Guide to get the best results possible!

Finally, when you join as a Beachbody Club member through this blog I will become your assigned Beachbody Coach to help guide your fitness path with Team Beachbody. I am a Diamond Coach but also a Beachbody Customer just like you. I use the fitness programs, nutritional products, and yes, the Club membership!