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You may be reading this blog post for one of two reasons.

  1. You have the P90X Workout and you are in a rut or don’t feel like pushing play OR,
  2. You are researching the P90X Workout and want to know if it will work for you.

Regardless of your reason you are about to find out exactly HOW to get through the P90X workout with minimal failure. What you are about to read is actually something so incredibly obvious and easy to understand BUT it’s also just as easy to over-look and NOT do.

But wait, before you find out this little secret to complete the P90X workout with minimal failure let’s first cover how this information was discovered.

I have personally suffered from procrastination and failures. Also, I have been able to use this information personally to achieve results and complete a near perfect 90-day through P90X.

Now that you understand this information is not only practical but also tangible, come with me to find out how powerful this can be when practiced daily.

Notice how “daily” was used? That’s very important because EVERY SINGLE DAY you are faced with the same decision. It’s this simple decision that will either set you on the path to success and health or lead you down a path of excuses and ultimate failure.

It is this daily decision that will get you to the end of 90-days in P90X with the results you desire OR this same decision will lead you to incomplete goals and personal dissatisfaction.

Ultimately this decision is so simple to make right but ALSO just as easy to NOT DO and in the end ONLY YOU can make it.

Here it is: The secret you have been waiting for.

The one decision that will get you to your results with P90X or lead you to failure is the simple decision to Push Play or NOT to Push Play. See how easy this is?

I’ll explain more in this quick 3 min and 37 sec video:

You’re faced with that very decision Right Now and it’s only you that can drop everything, push play, and get it done OR just do nothing. It won’t kill you today for NOT pushing play BUT it won’t get you results.

So you are left with One Action right now and one action only.

Stop what you are doing right now, do what you need to do to get ready, and push play with your P90X workout today, or, do nothing. It’s your decision – Choose wisely.

It’s the little tasks (your workout) completed daily that lead to the 90-day results. It’s not day 90 that matters but day 1, day 2, day 3 … etc. Go Push Play.