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I have been asked many times, “Hey Jason, what do I do after the 90-days with the P90X Workout?

Well the simple answer I always gave back was, “Do it again“. It seems quite simple doesn’t it? But personally, I got thinking about my own journey and how I easily completed nearly 90-days in my first run but could never get past 2 weeks any other time I tried after.

Yeah there are different ways to mix it up but let’s face it. Once you’ve done 90-days of the P90X workout you know every single piece of dialogue and sometimes you may just get bored. Understandable right?

I am going to share some of my personal tips for finally getting back on track with the original P90X Workout and how I mix it up and keep it interesting. But what you Really want to know will come after, get ready…

Here are some tips for getting through another 90-days of the Classic P90X Workout:Added Intensity With P90X Plyo

  • The Real DVD’s let you turn off the music track so you just hear Tony and the Team. Use that! I stream high BPM energy music over the P90X workout so it gives it a refreshing new music track.
  • Add Intensity. The other day I added ankle weights AND wrist weights giving Plyo that extra extreme approach and believe me, it works!
  • Get a workout buddy! Find someone who wants to go through the program and commit to a time plus each other. Then just show up!

So those are just some ideas to help bring a new freshness to the Classic P90X for the Grad who wants more. But this is what you Really Want!

Beachbody recently branded Tony’s P90X: MC2 (Muscle Confusion 2) series! I’m stoked about this because it’s about adding extra variety by giving you a new DVD every month from Tony’s personal gym.

What can you do with these?

It’s simple, use them to add variety! My plan is this: I will begin switching out the Classic P90X workouts with the P90X: MC2 DVDs that are relevant. For example, if the P90X: MC2 workout involved weights with your shoulders and arms well then I will replace P90X Classic Shoulders and Arms. Get the idea?

OK, it’s nearly 10am and my workout buddy (Kris Hanks aka XtremeBeachLife) will be here for today’s workout. I need to cut this short so If you are looking at doing more than just 90-days with the Classic P90X Workout, well, you definitely want to subscribe to P90X: MC2 so you have more workouts in your arsenal.

But before you subscribe to P90X:MC2 you should learn more about it! Click the image below so you can find out how this new P90X workout series will work for you.