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I am still on a quest to answer – Does P90X Work? Only 68 more days to go!

It’s nearly 2am…

But that didn’t stop me from pushing play – I was faced with two options, I could skip my workout and just go to bed, or I could push my limits and dig deep into my will to succeed.

We are faced with this challenge every day – To Push Play or not. The Key to your success is over coming your thoughts that hold you back and finding that power within to complete your task.

I easily spent 3 hours in front of the TV today surfing pointless channels, melting my brain and becoming soft. I had little drive and focus – It took a lot of digging but I have overcome my laziness and Pushed Play. Today may be a little extreme because it got so late but my message is this.

Don’t let yourself get in a rut – Working out really is not that challenging and it takes up a very small portion of the day. Yes it’s hard to push yourself some days and stay focused but that’s when you reach out to others for accountability.

I received an email today – It basically said that my videos and pushing play every day was this individuals reason for starting their own journey. This was a powerful message to me, how could I let this person down? It’s not just about me because we are a community of people seeking better health and fitness.

It’s amazing how empowering a simple email can be.

Push Play my friends and don’t let yourself fall – Reach out. After all, Beachbody is people helping people to succeed.

Never let your dreams fade, never stop reaching for the stars, but most importantly never stop living life – It’s this very gift we share that brings us together.